Here’s how the DDG-1000′s stealthy hull design handles stormy seas

Defense News – After years of stability questions about the hull design for the Navy’s new three-ship class of stealth destroyers, the commanding officer of the lead ship, USS Zumwalt, is satisfied: It handles the seas as well, if not better, than previous classes of surface combatants.

Textron’s Common USV Ready for Production, Experimenting with Lethal Surface Warfare Payloads

USNI News – Even as Textron is awaiting a decision to move from development of its Mine Countermeasures Unmanned Surface Vehicle (MCM USV) into production, the company also has its eye on using the vessel for missions such as surface warfare and amphibious operations.

DARPA’s latest mad science experiment: A ship designed to operate completely without humans

Defense News – The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has launched its newest foray into unleashing robot warships on the world’s seas: NOMARS.

Navy Will Commission All Expeditionary Sea Bases as USS Warships

USNI News – The Navy will now commission all of its Expeditionary Sea Base ships to allow them to conduct a broader and more lethal mission set, compared to original plans for them as Military Sealift Command ships with a USNS designation.

Lincoln Strike Group CO: Record Deployment Marks New Uncertainty for Fleet

USNI News – The 3,000 sailors aboard aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) arrived at their new California homeport this morning having spent more time deployed than any carrier since the mid-1970s – 294 days.

Is 2020 Really 1940 for the U.S. Navy?

National Interest – To a degree, anyway. Back then naval grandees, administration officials, and lawmakers discerned grave dangers gathering along the Western European and East Asian rimlands and resolved to rebuild American military might to manage them. Today naval grandees, administration officials, and lawmakers discern grave dangers gathering along the East Asian rimland and are saying the right things about rebuilding American maritime might to manage them.

Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt Leaves San Diego for Indo-Pacific Deployment

USNI News – Family and friends said goodbye on Friday to more than 6,000 sailors with the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group, which is leaving for a scheduled deployment to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command region.

Expeditionary Hogs and Blue Water Bones

USNI Blog – While the composition of the surface combatant force is frequently discussed, the composition of Marine air wings and land-based Navy platforms remains relatively unexamined. This is partly due to the success of the P-8A and the tri-service initial operating capability of F-35s. However, both Marine Corps air wings and Navy Tactical Air have glaring capability holes, which could be filled by repurposing Air Force platforms. The U.S. Navy should acquire B-1s and Marine Corps A-10s. This acquisition is both tactically and operationally advantageous, is fiscally sound, and logistically achievable in the near term.

Navy may arm new destroyer with conventional missile able to hit anywhere on Earth in an hour

Fox News – The Navy’s newest destroyer may fire a not-yet-to-be fielded Conventional Prompt Strike conventionally-armed missile engineered to hit anywhere on earth within an hour.

Rep. Gallagher: U.S. Needs More Agile Forces in the Pacific

USNI News – The U.S. should absorb lessons from the recent ballistic missile strikes against troops in Iraq and Kenya and put a new emphasis on fielding mobile and dispersed forces, a member of the House Armed Services Committee and former Marine said on Wednesday.

Read the speech here

To combat new missile threats, the US Navy prepares to move forward with destroyer upgrades

Defense News – The U.S. Navy is preparing to give its Flight IIA Arleigh Burke-class destroyers a major radar upgrade, trading in the AN/SPY-1D for a scaled-down version of the SPY-6 radar destined for the Flight III destroyers.

The two US Navy littoral combat ships will soon share a brain

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s littoral combat ship is less one ship as it is two completely different ships with a common mission set. The Navy is trying to walk some of that back.

Here’s 5 things you should know about the US Navy’s plans for big autonomous missile boats

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s yearlong fight to convince lawmakers it needed a significant investment in unmanned ships the size of offshore patrol vessels resulted in a kind of half-victory.

Littoral Combat Ship Will Field Laser Weapon as Part of Lockheed Martin, Navy Test

USNI News – The Navy will put a laser weapon on a Littoral Combat Ship for the first time this year, amid efforts to boost the LCS’s lethality and to develop and field a family of laser systems.

In a quest for 355 ships, US Navy leaders are unwilling to accept a hollow force

Defense News – The push to grow the U.S. Navy by about 20 percent was given a new lease on life, politically speaking, with a renewed push from the White House and acting secretary of the Navy. But the fundamental issue applies: The Navy can’t tack on a significant number of extra ships without more funding.

Is the U.S. Navy Going to Fight ‘World War I’ Against China?

National Interest – James Holmes writes that the German Army of 1918 offers a cautionary tale about the perils of being too slow to develop new hardware to put new concepts into effect. Let’s not risk a German fate.

Does the US Navy have its robot-warship concept all wrong?

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s plans for unleashing robot warships on the world’s oceans may need some work, according to a new study.

American Destroyer Sounds Collision Alarm As Russian Ship Gets Aggressive In The Middle East

War Zone – The U.S. and Russian Navies had a similar near-collision in the Pacific last year and this incident comes during a very tense time in this region.

The Navy and the UAPs

USNI Blog – One of the strangest mysteries of the modern U.S. Navy is a series of events that played out in 2004 and 2014–15, on each coast, involving what the Pentagon now calls “unexplained aerial phenomena” (UAP).

The surface Navy needs to fundamentally reshape itself to defeat the Chinese threat, study finds

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s surface fleet is completely misaligned to meet the threats the military says it must counter in the 21st century, and it’s not correctly constructed to pursue its own strategy of “distributed maritime operations,” according to new study from the Center or Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

Read the report: Taking Back the Seas: Transforming the U.S. Surface Fleet for Decision-Centric Warfare

Winning the Invisible War: Gaining an Enduring Advantage in the EMS

CIMSEC – The challenge of spectrum management and control will be acute for militaries, which depend almost entirely on the EMS for sensing and communications.

Increasing the Lethality of the Surface Force: A Conversation With RDML Scott Robertson

CIMSEC – CIMSEC had the opportunity to discuss the growth and evolution of the U.S. Surface Navy’s lethality with Rear Admiral Scott Robertson, commander of the Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center (SMWDC).

Memo reveals Pentagon again tried to decommission the carrier Truman, cut an air wing

Defense News – Despite causing a political firestorm earlier this year and forcing President Donald Trump to publicly reverse his administration’s position on the matter, the U.S. military again tried to push a plan that would lead to the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman retiring 25 years early and would defund a carrier air wing.

U.S. Fleet Created to Counter Russian Subs Now Fully Operational

USNI News – The Navy’s fleet created to beef up its Atlantic presence against Russia is now fully operational.

As Navy Mulls Ship Cuts, New 2nd Fleet Opens For Business

Breaking Defense – The 2nd Fleet says it’s ready to hunt Russian subs and start pushing into the Arctic. But it can only do that if the Navy can spare the ships.