USS Bonhomme Richard Heads For Scrapyard After Devastating Fire

Breaking Defense – The Navy will scrap one of the world’s most advanced amphibious ships ravaged by a a six-day fire that caused so much damage that repairing it was deemed unwise.

What the Great Pacific War Can Teach the U.S. Military Today

National Interest – James Holmes writes that it’s hard to amass combat power when it’s needed, where it’s needed, without robust auxiliaries. It’s also hard to regenerate combat power after taking a blow in action. Such a contestant is brittle.

Navy Testing Battle Management Aid on Aircraft Carrier

USNI News – The Navy’s plans to test a Battle Management Aid on one of its aircraft carriers, as the service pursues a tactical data network to link up its sensors and weapons.

How The Once Elusive Dream Of Laser Weapons Suddenly Became A Reality

War Zone – One of Lockheed Martin’s top directed energy minds explains how breakthroughs in communications and industrial tech made laser weapons possible. 

Submarine Force Changing Training, Acquisition to Focus on Warfare Against Sophisticated Adversary

USNI News – The submarine fleet has shifted its focus from operational readiness to warfighting readiness, and with that new mindset has come changes in how the fleet conducts training, acquisition and maintenance, several officials said last week.

USS Gerald R. Ford Making Steady Progress Ahead of Deployment

USNI News – USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) has been in and out of port for more than a year as the Navy continues to wring out the bugs from the new technologies on the next-generation carrier. While progress is steady, the program still has several milestones to achieve before it’s ready for its inaugural deployment.

The Navy Has Started Naming Its Submarines After Sea Creatures Again

War Zone – After decades of naming attack submarines after cities and states, the Navy has announced it will name three boats after denizens of the deep.

Check Out These Navy Special Operators Deploying An Underwater Scout Drone

War Zone – Naval special warfare personnel used a stealthy boat to help launch the unmanned underwater vehicle during a recent exercise in Sweden.

SECNAV calls for standing up new numbered fleet in the Indo-Pacific

Defense News – As the Pentagon warily eyes a Chinese military with increasing naval capability, U.S. Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite called this week for the establishment of a U.S. 1st Fleet, a new numbered command that would sit at the vital crossroads of the Indian and Pacific oceans. But while Braithwaite characterized the effort as well underway, Navy officials said that no decisions have been made per the timing and location of a potential 1st Fleet.

Reflections on the Loss of the Thresher

USNI Proceedings – For a young submarine officer, the tragedy was magnified by the loss of two close friends and highlighted the danger when operational thinking does not keep pace with technology.

Navy MH-60R Seahawks To Get Magnetic Anomaly Detectors To Help Hunt Enemy Submarines

War Zone – The Navy had initially declined to fit the MH-60Rs with magnetic anomaly detectors, which had been a feature on the SH-60B Seahawks they replaced.

US Navy sub hunters to be based in Bermuda 25 years after the NAS shut down

Royal Gazette – Bermuda is back on the front line of the United States Navy’s efforts to combat Russian submarines prowling the depths of the Atlantic. A USN detachment and two hi-tech P-8 Poseidon submarine hunter aircraft has been deployed to the island and will conduct reconnaissance operations from the airport – a former US Naval Air Station that closed down 25 years ago.

Ballistic Missile Submarine Tests Aerial Resupply With Air Force C-17, Drone

USNI News – The Navy in recent weeks has demonstrated an ability to resupply its ballistic missile submarines at sea using a range of manned and unmanned aircraft, testing their ability to keep the boomers on their stealthy nuclear deterrent patrols without coming to a port.

Navy, Marine Corps Rate ‘Marginal’ in New Military Strength Survey

USNI News – The Navy’s and Marine Corps’ capability, capacity and readiness to counter major powers like China and Russia or regional threats like Iran and North Korea was graded as “marginal” in a new survey of military power by the Heritage Foundation.

How Will Joe Biden Shape The U.S. Navy?

1945 – What will Joe Biden do when it comes to U.S. naval strategy come January 20? James Holmes gave us his impressions on the future of the U.S. Navy, Chinese military modernization, and the future of the South China Sea.

Submarines May Have Nowhere To Hide With U.S. Navy Set To Field Radical New Radar

Forbes – The U.S. Navy may gain the ability to locate submarines from the air as a radical new radar finally moves into the deployment phase.

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The US Navy Wants To Stand Up A New Fleet Aimed At Deterring China In The Indian Ocean

War Zone – Secretary of the Navy Kenneth Braithwaite says he is looking to establish a new naval command with a particular focus on the Indian Ocean and adjacent areas of the Pacific.

Navy Makes Major JADC2 Push, Linking Sensors & Shooters

Breaking Defense – After two years of relative silence about All Domain Operations, the Navy is throwing more weight behind the Pentagon’s effort to link everything from submarines to drones flying high overhead on one shared network, assigning a group of admirals and a team from the defense industry to tackle the problem and find ways to link into the Joint All Domain Command and Control initiative. 

US Navy destroyer shoots down an ICBM in milestone test

Defense News – The U.S. Navy has shot down an intercontinental ballistic missile over the Pacific Ocean with an SM-3 Block IIA missile in a milestone test that demonstrated a potential scheme to defend Hawaii.

The US Navy is moving to put more ship-killer missiles on submarines

Defense News – The U.S. Navy is pushing ahead with fielding more anti-ship cruise missiles on submarines in the Pacific, the head of U.S. Navy Submarine Forces said Monday.

Japan-Based Carrier USS Ronald Reagan Wraps Up Record Patrol; Nimitz in 7th Fleet

USNI News – USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) finished a more-than-five-month patrol in the Pacific over the weekend — a 20-year record.