Navy Struggling to Retain Surface Warfare Officers; SWOs Want More Training, Specialization

USNI News – Surface warfare officers are leaving the Navy at a higher rate than other unrestricted line officers despite reforms in training the service has instituted since two fatal collisions in 2017.

Does Biden Have The Right Naval Strategy To Take On Russia And China? History Has An Answer.

1945 – Having endured setbacks during the War of American Independence, Great Britain found wise political leadership—leadership that prepared the empire for tests to come during decades of war with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France. Congress and the Biden administration should take note. If the United States genuinely means to keep its commitments to allies across the globe while acting as custodian of freedom of the sea, it must field maritime forces adequate to those purposes. Otherwise, its interests and world standing will suffer—perhaps grievously so. 

Navy releases long-range shipbuilding plan that drops emphasis on 355 ships, lays out fleet design priorities

Defense News – The Navy submitted an update to Congress to its annual long-range shipbuilding plans, one that takes a step back from the much-talked-about standard of a 355-ship fleet and instead lays out priorities for a future distributed naval force.

Navy Weighing How to Include More Capabilities on MQ-25A Beyond Tanking

USNI News – Lawmakers are asking the Navy to start adding capabilities to the emerging MQ-25A Stingray unmanned carrier tankers that are set to join the fleet in the next few years, service officials said.

The Navy Is Developing “Bio-Inspired” Drones That Transition Between Air And Water

War Zone – The Navy wants to build drones that are inspired by the ways animals move and behave in the natural world and can even transition between sea and air.

U.S. Aircraft Carriers Now at Risk from Hypersonic Missiles

USNI News – U.S. aircraft carriers are already facing risks from hypersonic weapons that are now entering the inventory of American adversaries and the Navy has developed early defenses for the threat.

The Navy Concluded Transmedium Flying Submersibles Were Possible A Decade Ago

War Zone – A vehicle that can travel under the sea and in the air may seem like a fantasy, but the Navy says it is possible and relevant for special operations.

Will Swarms Of Underwater ‘Drones’ Make Submarines Obsolete?

1945 – James Holmes writes that every now and again the idea that ultramodern technology will someday render the oceans and seas transparent—and expose submarine fleets to detection, tracking, and targeting—comes into vogue.

Memo reveals US Navy must pick between future destroyer, fighter or sub for FY23 plan

Defense News – The U.S. Navy may have to pick just one of three major modernization programs on the horizon to fund — pursuing a new destroyer, a new attack submarine or a new fighter jet, the acting Navy secretary warns in a recent memo. The other two due would be postponed to budget limitations, he wrote.

US Navy zeroed in on LCS flawed parts, maintenance slow-downs to improve operational days

Defense News – The U.S. Navy hopes to boost the number of days the littoral combat ship is operational by targeting the drivers of down time: design flaws in 32 parts that need to be replaced and a sluggish contractor-based maintenance model that needs to be made more responsive.

The Navy’s Tanker Drone Makes History By Refueling A Manned Aircraft For The First Time

War Zone – The Boeing demonstrator for the MQ-25 Stingray program successfully passed fuel to an F/A-18 Super Hornet jet.

Long In Development Hypervelocity Rounds For Navy Railguns And Deck Guns Killed Off In Budget

USNI News – The Navy and other services had hoped to be able to fire hypervelocity projectiles from various guns at a range of surface and aerial threats.

PACAF CO: U.S. Working to Dampen Chinese Missile Advantage in the Pacific

USNI News – U.S. Pacific Air Forces is crafting a dual strategy of defensive capabilities and dispersal of forces in order to negate the threat posed to its forces and bases by China’s increasing military capabilities, the PACAF commander said.

US Navy creates DDG(X) program office after years of delays for large combatant replacement

Defense News – The U.S. Navy has created a new program office to usher the next class of destroyer into the fleet, after the service has struggled to find a replacement for its aging cruisers and destroyers over the past decade.

Analysis: Hammerhead, Orca, SSGN

Strikepod Systems – With great power competition driving shifts in weapons priorities, offensive mine warfare, long neglected since World War II, is on the cusp of dramatic change both within the United States Navy, and within the navies of U.S. adversaries as well.

Pat Roll on Tactics of the Maritime Strategy and Cover and Deception Operations

CIMSEC – CIMSEC discussed the 1980s Maritime Strategy with Captain Pat Roll (ret.), who served as a staff tactician for Admirals Ace Lyons, Joe Metcalf, and Hank Mustin. In this conversation, Capt. Roll discusses how tactical development fleshed out the execution of the Maritime Strategy at sea, the Navy’s use of cover and deception operations to move battle groups undetected, and the core relationship between strategy and tactics.

MEDUSA Is U.S. Navy’s Secret Minelaying Submarine

Forbes – The U.S. Navy wants offensive mine warfare capability, and it wants it fast. That’s the message from a new project called MEDUSA contained in the Navy’s latest budget release.

US, UK, French navies agree to bolster joint operations, tech collaboration

Defense News – The chiefs of the U.S., U.K. and French navies met in France on Thursday to affirm their commitment to deeper collaboration and interoperability between their fleets to address some of the most vexing maritime security issues around the globe.

Navy Not Ready to Repair Battle Damaged Ships

USNI News – The Navy is poorly positioned to fully repair its fighting fleet of warships damaged in future high-end battles, the Government Accountability Office found in a report released this week.

Close the Gaps! Airborne ASW Yesterday and Tomorrow

CIMSEC – A call  to establish unmanned sea control squadron (VUS) squadrons. These squadrons would provide Sea Combat Commanders with a dedicated medium-range ASW aircraft that would allow commanders to detect, classify, track, target, and engage submarines outside their weapons engagement zone. 

The Navy’s Railgun Looks Like It’s Finally Facing The Axe In New Budget Request

War Zone – After some 16 years of research and development, the U.S. Navy appears poised to kill its electromagnetic railgun program. The service has not asked for any new funding for the project in its latest budget request and says it will wrap up all the work it has planned now by the end of the current fiscal year, before effectively putting what’s left of this effort into storage.

Stop Saying The U.S. Military Spends More Than China (It Might Not Matter)

1945 – James Holmes discusses the casual claim that because the United States spends more on defense than the next X countries combined—X usually being defined as ten or upwards—it is so crushingly superior that it need not spend more and could probably get away with spending less on the armed forces.

Check Out This Backpack-Mounted Signals Intelligence System Worn By A Marine Special Operator

War Zone – “Body-worn” signal snooping gear gives American special operators an additional way to spot and track enemy forces, and monitor their surroundings.