Competitors Get a Say in Readiness, Too

USNI Proceedings – The first installment of Professor James Holmes’ new regular column “Strategy Matters”.

Arleigh Burke Destroyers Are Most Viable Option for Near-Term Navy Presence in Arctic

USNI News – In the high latitudes, where presence increasingly equals power, the U.S. Coast Guard shoulders much of today’s mission load. But experts think the Arleigh Burke destroyers of the future could share the operational burden.

The US military has triggered a massive surge of its wartime sealift ships

Defense News – The command in charge of U.S. military logistics worldwide on Tuesday triggered one the largest surges of its aging sealift ships in decades, a critical test of the country’s ability to move heavy equipment overseas in the event of a major conflict.

Electric Boat Preparing for Columbia-Class, But Supply Base Remains a Challenge

USNI News – General Dynamics Electric Boat broke ground on a Columbia-class submarine assembly facility at its Groton yard on Friday, kicking off one of the final facilities improvement projects the company needs ahead of a massive increase in submarine construction work in the coming decades.

Enough Nuclear: All of the Reasons the U.S. Navy Needs Diesel Submarines

National Interest – They’re cheap, defensible, and punch above their weight in the right setting—what’s not to love?

“Adaptable Deck Launchers”:The Best Counter to China’s Missile Strategy?

National Interest – Over at The Drive, the redoubtable Tyler Rogoway relates the feel-good story of the summer, an instant classic: the defense firm BAE Systems says it has developed an “adaptable deck launcher” (ADL) that can be bolted onto any ship of war with deck space to spare. Weaponeers can load up the four-cell launcher with the same missile canisters used in the Mk 41 vertical launch system (VLS), the standard launcher installed aboard U.S. Navy cruisers and destroyers and ships from a handful of allied navies. BAE’s add-on deck launcher is a mundane piece of kit with strategic promise.

U.K. Crafting New Command and Control Regime as Royal Navy Grows

USNI News – The Royal Navy’s metamorphosis from a provider of lone warships to the world’s maritime hotspots into a service deploying carrier strike and amphibious task groups will be accompanied by an equally transformation in command and control (C2).

How to Seize Islands, Set Up a Forward Refueling Point: Marine Corps Recipes for Expeditionary Operations

USNI News – The U.S. Marine Corps has been refining a pair of related concepts, Expeditionary Advance Base Operations (EABO) and the overarching Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment, for the past couple years.

Navy Training Squadron Receives First E-2D Hawkeye With New Aerial Refueling Capability

War Zone – The unit will now begin training aircrews to make use of the plane’s new capabilities ahead of plans to begin converting operational units next year.

Escorts Deploy Without USS Harry S. Truman as East Coast Carrier Shortage Persists

USNI News – Surface escorts from the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group left their homeports today to kick off an overseas deployment…Aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) did not.

The US Navy says it’s doing its best to avoid a ‘Terminator’ scenario in quest for autonomous weapons

Defense News – The U.S. Navy will try to prevent Skynet — the fictional intelligence computer network that attempts to destroy humanity in the “Terminator” series — from becoming a reality as it continues efforts to field evermore capable robots.

US Navy makes a major breakthrough in autonomous weaponry

Defense News – The U.S. Navy has achieved a major milestone in its efforts to autonomously combat one of the most persistent threats it faces.

Navy Claims a Strong Technical Foundation Ahead of Testing New Classes of Unmanned Ships

USNI News – The Navy has a more straightforward path to developing and fielding unmanned surface vessels than many critics realize, according to the admiral in charge of building them.

A Navy Astray: Remembering How the Fleet Forgot to Fight

CIMSEC – The following is adapted from remarks delivered at the annual CIMSEC Forum for Authors and Readers, covering the “How the Fleet Forgot to Fight” article series.

Are Navies Dying?

National Interest – Those pesky carrier-killer missiles, new detection methods that can ‘unsteatlh submarines’ and other threats loom large. Is the age of warships, submarines and aircraft carriers over?

The State of LCS: Navy Moving to Add Firepower, Capability to Both Classes

USNI News – With both variants of the Littoral Combat Ship in serial production at two yards and those ships now kicking off an enduring multi-ship overseas presence, the Navy is turning its focus to increasing the lethality and survivability of the hulls.

The State of LCS: Navy Pushing More Ships to Sea This Fall as Class Matures

USNI News – Five years from now, there may be as many Littoral Combat Ships deployed as there are destroyers.

The U.S. Navy just deployed its new ship-killer missile to China’s backyard

Defense News – It can travel more than 100 nautical miles, passively detect an enemy through imaging stored in its computer brain, and can kill a target so precisely that an operator can tell it to aim for a specific point on the ship – the engine room or the bridge, for example. And it’s heading to China’s stomping grounds.

Navy Wants to Make Surface Fleet Training Harder with More Live, Virtual Opposing Forces and Ranges

USNI News – As the Navy continues to inject more live, virtual and constructive events to prepare ships’ crews to defeat potential threats, surface warfare training officials are looking to add more realistic adversaries and tougher scenarios via virtual training.

USS Wasp Heading to U.S. in Homeport Shift; USS America Goes to Japan Later This Year

USNI News – After less than two years forward-deployed, big deck amphib USS Wasp (LHD-1) has left Japan.

Surface Forces Striving for ‘Combat-Ready Ships, Battle-Minded Crews’

USNI News – The head of the Navy’s surface force is pushing the fleet to be more ready for high-end combat, both in the skills of the crew and the material condition of the ships.

USS Harry S. Truman Suffers Major Electrical Malfunction, Raising Questions About Upcoming Deployment

USNI News – Aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) is experiencing a malfunction of the ship’s electrical distribution system ahead of an expected deployment this fall.

Shadowy New Electronic Warfare System Has Been Installed On U.S. Navy 7th Fleet Ships

War Zone – The mysterious modular system with a peculiar past is designated AN/SLQ-59 and has been quietly deployed on Asia-based U.S. surface combatants.

The U.S. Navy Isn’t Building ‘Battleships’ Anymore

National Interest – Over the years it’s become commonplace for writers to sex up their descriptions of guided-missile destroyer (DDG) Zumwalt, the U.S. Navy’s newest surface combatant. Commentators of such leanings depict the ultra-high-tech DDG-1000 as a battleship. Better yet, it’s a “stealth battleship”—a fit subject for sci-fi! Not so.

There Is Only 1 Way to Save the Aircraft Carrier from the ‘Scraper’: Study Battleships

National Interest – How can the U.S. Navy prolong the relevance of its big-deck aircraft carriers amid increasingly menacing surroundings?