The US Navy is fed up with ballistic missile defense patrols

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s top officer wants to end standing ballistic missile defense patrols and transfer the mission to shore-based assets.

Manning the Distant Rampart: Maritime Strategy in an Age of Global Competition

CIMSEC – Great power competition has clearly returned. But nontraditional issues have retained their relevance, with great powers using them as strategic facilitators in their quest to gain marginal advantages. In this international environment, the sea has retained its unbroken importance. The overwhelming majority of humankind’s physical trade is still transported on maritime highways, while the geography of contemporary global flashpoints, and the ambitions of great powers and nonstate actors, makes the sea central to international competition.

The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence in Naval Warfare

War on the Rocks – The U.S. Navy is investing real money to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the force, requesting $62.5 million in the FY19 Defense Department budget for AI and rapid prototyping.

Amphib USS Iwo Jima Now in Persian Gulf; First U.S. Capital Ship in Region Since March

USNI News – Amphibious warship USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7) crossed into the Persian Gulf this week, returning a U.S. Navy capital ship to the region for the first time since late March.

The Discrepancy Between US Administration Rhetoric and Navy Strategy

CIMSEC – The challenge facing the United States is building a 21st century navy, operating in 19th century-styled great power competition, and upholding a 20th century world order while urrently led by an administration which seems to challenge the foundation of that very order.

What Do The New National Security and Defense Strategies Mean for Maritime Security?

CIMSEC – The recently released U.S. National Security Strategy (NSS) and National Defense Strategy (NDS) have major implications for maritime security.

US Navy pushes ahead with bid to extend the range of its sub-killer torpedo

Defense News – The U.S. Navy, aiming to make its attack submarines even more stealthy and lethal at extended ranges, took a big step forward with a contract announcement Tuesday.

How Virginia-class subs will be able to pack an even bigger punch

Defense News – Courtesy of BAE Systems, some Virginia-class submarines will be able to pack a bigger punch. The U.S. Navy has granted a contract to British company to produce payload tubes for two of the service’s Block V Virginia-class subs. Each will be extended in length with an additional mid-body section to create additional room for payloads and, in turn, for greater firepower.

How Mattis Can Help Reshape the Navy

National Interest – Arrhythmic operating patterns will help the sea services wrest the initiative from prospective foes, knocking them off-balance to American advantage.

What Secretive Anti-Ship Missile Did China Hack From The U.S. Navy?

War Zone – Details surrounding the Navy’s Sea Dragon program remain scarce, but there are some distinct possibilities.

The US Navy’s fleet is getting old. It might get a lot older

Defense News – The U.S. Navy is considering extending the service life of all its ships by at least seven years, and could stretch the life of some ships by 13 years.

Troubling U.S. Navy review finds widespread shortfalls in basic seamanship

Defense News – A three-month internal review conducted by senior U.S. surface fleet leaders found that nearly 85 percent of its junior officers had either some or significant concerns in ship handling and that many struggled to react decisively to extricate their ship from danger when there was an immediate risk of collision, according to an internal message obtained by Defense News.

BALTOPS 2018 Continues Emphasis on Air-Sea Integration, Complex Free-Play Phase

USNI News – The annual Baltic Operations exercise is underway for the 46th time, continuing last year’s priorities of increasing the integration of aircraft and ships and boosting the difficulty of the free-play phase that concludes the exercise.

At delicate moment, U.S. weighs warship passage through Taiwan Strait

Reuters – The United States is considering sending a warship through the Taiwan Strait, U.S. officials say, in a move that could provoke a sharp reaction from Beijing at a time when Sino-U.S. ties are under pressure from trade disputes and the North Korean nuclear crisis.

U.S. Special Operations Command’s Elusive Mothership Is Packing Stealth Speedboats

War Zone – We finally have high-quality images of the entire ship in its completed state.

Raytheon Awarded LCS Over-the-Horizon Anti-Surface Weapon Contract; Deal Could be Worth $848M

USNI News – The Norwegian-designed Naval Strike Missile has been officially selected to serve as the Littoral Combat Ship’s over-the-horizon anti-ship weapon.

We Need an Atlantic Rebalance

Breaking Defense – The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) John Richardson made a major organizational announcement with major strategic implications when he announced the Navy would re-establish the Second Fleet, which covers the Atlantic. But that would, so far, only mean adding 250 people to the command. Without making larger strategic changes, that is not enough.

Why the US should stock up on Tomahawk cruise missiles

Defense News – The Tomahawk cruise missile is one of the most effective and highly utilized weapons in the U.S. arsenal – and we have decided to stop producing them.

A Fleet Must Be Able to Fight

USNI Proceedings – A fleet is the Navy’s essential fighting element, our central contribution to the joint fight and to the nation’s defense.

U.S. warships sail near South China Sea islands claimed by Beijing

Reuters – Two U.S. Navy warships sailed near South China Sea islands claimed by China on Sunday, in a move that drew condemnation from Beijing as President Donald Trump seeks its continued cooperation on North Korea.

How We Lost the Great Pacific War

USNI Proceedings – a fictional look at possible Lessons Learned from Recent Naval Actions in the Western Pacific…

What’s Next for Third Fleet Forward?

USNI Proceedings – The U.S. Third Fleet was born out of necessity, forged during the peak of the war in the Pacific. Its first commander, Admiral William “Bull” Halsey, was admired for his aggressive nature and warfighting intellect. More than 70 years after its creation, Third Fleet has returned to the forefront of Pacific warfighting. Following in Halsey’s footsteps, Vice Admiral Nora Tyson took the Third Fleet somewhere it had not been in decades—across the international dateline. Under direction from Commander Pacific Fleet, Admiral Scott Swift, this “Third Fleet Forward” concept has featured surface action groups (SAGs) under the command of Third Fleet operating in regions of the Pacific historically under the command of Seventh Fleet.

Navy, Boeing Tout Block III Super Hornet As Partner For F-35

Breaking Defense – Once touted by President Trump himself as an alternative to the F-35, the souped-up Super Hornet is now firmly established as its partner.

Army AMC Head Wants To Stop Buying Ships

Breaking Defense – Gen. Gus Perna, head of Army Materiel Command, is a brave man. He came to Pacific Command’s AOR and announced he wants the Army to stop building the transport ships and so-called watercraft that could be crucial to any conflict in the Indo-Pacific region.

Detailed Official Report On Harrowing Encounter Between F/A-18s and UFO Surfaces

War Zone – The paper recounts a course of bizarre events that occurred near the USS Nimitz while it was sailing off the Baja Peninsula in November 2004.