The Role of Public Affairs in U.S. Seapower, Part 2

CIMSEC – We will explore how to synchronize information power to enable maritime strategy, along with several counter-arguments and perspectives.

USS Mount Whitney Brings 6th Fleet Autonomy, Flexibility of Command at Sea

USNI News – One of two Blue Ridge-class command and control ships in the fleet, Mount Whitney serves as the U.S. 6th Fleet command ship and would be the platform from which operations would be controlled if a war were to occur in theater.

Korean Fat Leonard? Feds probe new US Navy corruption case in Asia

Defense News – The Justice Department has filed corruption charges against the head of a Busan, Korea,-based husbanding services provider in a case with unmistakable echoes of the Fat Leonard scandal that has rocked the Navy since the investigation was revealed in 2013.

The Army Abruptly Pulls Ship Auction Listings And Halts Plans To Slash Its Naval Fleet

War Zone – The service had controversially planned to sell off dozens of ships and other watercraft, inactivating multiple units in the process.

Here’s Why Naval Convoys Are An Ideal Solution Hated By Everyone

War Zone – As Iran threatens commercial shipping in the Strait of Hormuz, many are calling for convoys. Here is why they aren’t so easy to execute or maintain.

U.S. Will Provide Intel to Allies to Keep Middle East Merchant Ships Safe, Not Warship Escorts

USNI News – American forces are willing to provide allies with intelligence on potential maritime threats in the Middle East, but countries will need to bring their own escorts.

Corvette Carriers: A New Littoral Warfare Strategy

USNI Proceedings – With the renewal of great power competition, the Navy–Marine Corps team must employ ships that can threaten adversaries in their home waters.

US Expands Icelandic Airfield For Tankers, Big Cargo Lift

Breaking Defense – An old Cold War base in Iceland has seen over $80 million in US investments in recent years as the Pentagon flies more surveillance missions in the high north — and plans to do more.

USS Boxer Downs Iranian Drone in ‘Defensive Action’

USNI News – Amphibious warship USS Boxer (LHD-4) took down an Iranian drone that U.S. officials say threatened the ship as it entered the Persian Gulf on Thursday.

Peacetime Naval Rearmament, 1933–39: Lessons for Today

US Naval War College Review – Following World War I, the USN fleet was outdated and undersized, but a time of naval resurgence began in 1933, adding modern ships to the U.S. fleet and revitalizing the American shipbuilding industry. In many ways, this period mirrors the post–Cold War state of the fleet, but the principal actors vary greatly in their level of coordination and commitment to building the Navy the nation needs.

East Coast US Navy aviators to see their flight hours slashed for the rest of fiscal year

Defense News – Budget shortfalls created in part by greater-than-expected demands on maritime patrol aircraft are forcing the Navy to cut flight hours for several squadrons on the East Coast.

Why Not an American Admiral Gorshkov?

National Interest – By law a chief of naval operations is limited to four years in the post—and that’s just not enough time to make any meaningful changes.

From Russian Presence to Sailboat Traffic, U.S. Learning What’s ‘Normal’ Far From Home

USNI News – The U.S. military invests significant time and effort into conducting training exercises and patrols overseas – and while it does provide opportunities for sailors to have port calls in interesting places and build interoperability with allies and partners, it also helps build upon U.S. knowledge of what “normal” is in waterways around the world.

Hey, shipmate, where’s the fire?

Defense News – That old expression crossed my mind this week when I saw the carrier Truman was making its third deployment in four years. The Navy says doing this is about “stretching the limits of the Navy’s Optimized Fleet Response Plan,” according to a Navy Times report. But why? Where’s the fire?

Navy Declares Unmanned MQ-8C Fire Scout Helicopter Mission Capable

USNI News – The Navy declared its MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter mission capable and ready to deploy aboard Littoral Combat Ships.

Naval Deployments, Exercises, and the Geometry of Strategic Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific

CIMSEC – From March to June 2019 naval diplomacy and an underlying strategic geometry was on show as India, Australia, France, and Japan deployed across and around the Indo-Pacific. All of them were involved in operating with each other, with the U.S., and with other actors in the region like Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The US Navy’s Riverines are up-gunned, high tech and ready to lean into great power competition

Defense News – The Mark VI patrol boat bristles with heavy automatic weapons, and that’s the way its crews like it.

Think Cold Thoughts: The Drift

Defense News – I figured we’d think cold thoughts and dedicate this edition of The Drift to a little Arctic chat. The Senate Armed Services Committee is having the military look at what it would take to build a port up there and so I figured I’d call Bryan Clark, retired submarine officer and naval analyst extraordinaire at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments and ask him what he thought.

The Rust Dialogues Part III

Defense News – This is the third and final installment of The Rust Dialogues, a series discussing the material condition of today’s fleet. The Drift is honored to welcome esteemed Naval Warfare correspondent Chris Cavas to close it out.

Navy Completed Hellfire Tests on Littoral Combat Ship, Will Likely Deploy Later This Year

USNI News – The Navy has finished the structural testing needed to confirm that the Hellfire anti-surface missile can safely operate on the Littoral Combat Ship, and the missile will go out on a ship deployment later this year.

Maritime Order and America’s Indo-Pacific Strategy

CIMSEC – Freedom of seas has been and remains essential for all Americans. However, maritime order is increasingly at risk and from both traditional and nontraditional threats. A critical question is whether we can sustain freedom of the seas into the future.

Unleash Directed-Energy Weapons

USNI Proceedings – Directed-energy weapons could provide the U.S. military with its biggest technological advantage ever. It is time to make the big bets that will put them in the hands of war-fighters.

The Navy Needs AI, It’s Just Not Certain Why

USNI Proceedings – A force that can harness AI to make decisions faster than the adversary will have the advantage. But what specific tasks should these technologies help warfighters perform?

The Role of Public Affairs in US Seapower, Part 1

CIMSEC – To achieve success, the Navy must enable public affairs to function as a tool of credibility versus persuasion and spin, it must embody the principles of transparency, and it must better synchronize public affairs with other elements of U.S. information power such as information operations and public diplomacy.