Swarming to Solve the Navy’s MCM Problems

CIMSEC – To achieve successful swarm-based MCM, the Navy will need to develop a mindset around large groups of swarming technologies that are low cost and, perhaps, expendable…

Marines Test ‘Lightning Carrier’ Concept, Control 13 F-35Bs from Multiple Amphibs

USNI News – The Navy and Marine Corps recently tested out the “Lightning Carrier” concept of packing an amphibious assault ship with F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter jets, and they will likely continue to expand and exercise this capability.

Navy, Marines Wargaming New Gear to Support Emerging Warfare Concepts

USNI News – The Navy and Marine Corps are busy figuring out what they do – and don’t – need to buy to support their emerging operational concepts for high-end warfare.

Embracing an Unmanned Solution for the US Navy’s Mine Warfare Renaissance

CIMSEC – Because ships and sailors operate daily in harm’s way, we need to embrace an unmanned solution to dealing with deadly mines. We have the components for such a system, and it can reach fruition in the near-term.

The Navy Obfuscates On Shock Testing The 13 Billion Dollar USS Ford

Forbes – It is time for the Navy to publicly commit to shocking the USS Ford in the next year or so.

Carrier Ford May Not Deploy Until 2024, 3rd Weapons Elevator Certified

USNI News – USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) may not be ready to deploy until 2024, further complicating the Navy’s persistent problems of generating deployable carriers from the East Coast.

The US Navy Needs AWNIS For Mine Warfare

CIMSEC – Greater U.S. Navy presence in Europe means greater involvement in NATO; and greater involvement in NATO requires greater use of NATO doctrine, some of which is not currently practiced by the U.S. Navy. One such doctrine is the Allied Worldwide Navigational Information System, or AWNIS, which is crucial for conducting military operations at sea, especially mine warfare, while minimizing disruption to merchant shipping.

Eight Lieutenants Deliver a Tough Message

USNI Proceedings – At this year’s Tailhook Convention, a panel of eight tactics instructors from across the naval aviation enterprise delivered a tough message: We are not ready for the peer fight.

SSN(X) Will Be the U.S. Navy’s New Attack Submarine: Here’s How to Make it A Success

National Interest – James Holmes writes: “Do not content yourself with improving on existing boats, or even on long-cherished ideas about what a submarine is or how it ought to do business.”

Meeting the Mine Warfare Challenge With Unmanned Systems

CIMSEC – By harnessing unmanned systems and machine learning, the U.S. Navy can bridge the gap between its own mine countermeasures capability and the growing mine warfare threat.

Mysterious Object Northrop Is Barging From Redondo Beach Is A High-Power Naval Laser

War Zone – The system being moved represents a big leap in ship-based directed energy capabilities and is slated to be tested aboard USS Portland.

The Mysterious and Super-Secret USS Gerald R. Ford

Defense and Aerospace Report – Chris Cavas writes that the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) is the most expensive ship ever built by the US government, and quite possibly by any government…The ship is a long way from being ready to take to the seas in defense of the nation.

Getting Back to Basics: How to Avoid a Naval Intelligence Jutland

War on the Rocks – Claude Berube writes that for the Navy’s intelligence community, the most appropriate historical precedent isn’t Pearl Harbor — it’s the Battle of Jutland. A cyber Pearl Harbor suggests a surprise attack. The United States is already in the midst of a great power competition with China and Russia, and the pieces are already moving on the ocean’s chessboard. Jutland was a famous WWI naval clash where capable British forces were hamstrung by tradition and conservatism, and ultimately proved unable to strike a decisive victory over the German High Seas Fleet. Today’s naval intelligence faces a similar set of challenges.

A Revolution at Sea: Old is New Again

War on the Rocks – It may be time to demote Mahan’s masterpiece to the second rung, in favor of paying increased attention to Julian Corbett — particularly his tour de force, Some Principles of Maritime Strategy — whose writings demonstrate a better awareness of complex geostrategic environments than Mahan typically contemplated.

Navy Completes Sea Trials on ESB-5 Miguel Keith, After 2018 Shipyard Accident Delayed Construction

USNI News – The Navy wrapped up sea trials on its newest Expeditionary Sea Base (ESB), the future Miguel Keith (ESB-5), after a 2018 shipyard accident and damage to the hull.

Sailing True North: James Stavridis on Admiralty and the Voyage of Character

CIMSEC – CIMSEC had the opportunity to discuss with Admiral James Stavridis (ret.) his latest book, Sailing True North: Ten Admirals and the Voyage of Character. In this book Adm. Stavridis profiles ten historical admirals, revealing their character traits, leadership skills, and what their life accomplishments can teach modern Sailors and society.

About-face: US Army embraces ocean fleet

Defense News – After years of talk of divestiture, the U.S. Army may be resigning itself to recapitalizing its watercraft fleet, which would be used to unload supplies and gear from ships in areas with destroyed or unimproved ports.

CBO: Navy Shipbuilding Plan Off — By $200 Billion

Breaking Defense – The Navy faces huge hurdles in trying to get to 355 ships – but a new shipbuilding plan due in coming weeks could change the whole calculus.

The Lethal and Affordable Three-Tier Fleet

USNI Blog – It is well known that the current, largely homogeneous, surface combatant fleet is not an affordable force structure for the future…One potential solution to this problem is to go beyond the current high-low framework to a three-tier, high-medium-low fleet.

With the Osprey Waiting on Deck, Delivery Service to Carriers is About to Change

Air and Space – Farewell to the Grumman C-2 Greyhound, which has been running supplies at sea for more than 50 years.

U.S. Intelligence Agency Eyes The Navy’s MQ-25 Drone For Maritime Surveillance Missions

War Zone – The Navy’s primary task for this unmanned aircraft will be aerial refueling, but it’s clear that there is interest in expanding its mission set.

U.S. Needs More Ships in Europe to Counter Growing Russian Threats

USNI News – The head of Naval Forces Europe is making a pitch for more ships to provide presence, training and crisis response capability in his area of the world, even as tensions are rising globally.

With One Hand Tied: Naval Auxiliaries and Their Ability to Conduct Belligerent Acts

CIMSEC – It is an oft-repeated axiom of international law that vessels which serve as auxiliaries to a state’s armed forces may not lawfully commit a belligerent act in an international armed conflict.

Does the U.S. Navy Have a Rust Problem?

National Interest – If the U.S. Navy projects a slovenly appearance while, say, China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy shows up in a foreign harbor looking spick-and-span, guess who seems like the trustworthy friend and fearsome foe? Advantage: China.

U.S. Warships Have This Seldom Discussed But Very Powerful Optical Targeting System

War Zone – It’s easy to overlook the WALL-E-looking turret atop these ships, but it provides key targeting and situational awareness information to the crew.