The Pentagon’s plan to decommission an aircraft carrier looks half baked and dead on arrival

Defense News – The Pentagon’s decision to decommission the carrier Harry S. Truman appears to be sputtering and dying in a wave of skepticism and resistance from lawmakers.

All Sane Men Believe in Reserves

War on the Rocks – The past 17 years have trained navy reservists for the new global realities of small wars, land wars, irregular warfare, and insurgencies. These joint experiences have shaped reserve units collectively and individually, but not — largely — for maritime operations. The time, however, has come to recognize that what the navy reserve has done in the past two decades in land operations must fundamentally shift and take what the Navy Reserve has learned while preparing for other challenges. The culture, training, and operational opportunities must change. Every community must be made ready today for the naval war we all know is coming — a war that in some ways is already here.

Let’s Talk About The Navy’s Ultra Ambitious New Plan To Get To 355 Ships In Just 15 Years

War Zone – The service will face huge challenges in meeting that goal and just sustaining those vessels will cost many billions more than it spends now.

Navy To Supersize Its Ultra Versatile SM-6 Missile For Even Longer Range And Higher Speed

War Zone – The SM-6 is getting a way bigger rocket motor that will allow it to reach even farther than before and enemy ships may be its primary target.

30-Year Plan: Navy Puts 355-Ship Cap on Fleet Size; Plans to Introduce Large Combatant, CHAMP Auxiliary Hull

USNI News – The Navy’s latest 30-year shipbuilding plan outlines a path forward that includes less near-term growth in fleet size but reaches and sustains a 355-ship fleet sooner than last year’s plan.

Navy Needs More Dry Docks for Repairs, Says First-Ever Maintenance Report

USNI News – The Navy released its first-ever long-range ship maintenance and modernization plan amid a growing fleet and a growing backlog of repair work, and the report highlights challenges in dealing with chronic mismatches between maintenance requirements and yards’ capacity.

Late is the new normal for Virginia-class attack boats

Defense News – The U.S. Navy is dealing with persistent delays throughout its submarine-building enterprise as it prepares to enter into a historically large contract for the complicated Block V Virginia-class attack submarine and begin heavy work on the Columbia-class ballistic missile submarines.

With an eye to China and Russia, the US Navy plans a lethal upgrade to its destroyers

Defense News – Facing ever-faster missiles and increasingly complicated air threats from China and Russia, the U.S. Navy is moving toward a major upgrade to its stalwart Arleigh Burke destroyer fleet.

The Navy’s “Operational” F-35C Is Fully Mission Capable Less Than Five Percent Of The Time

War Zone – A stunning deficiency in readiness rates for Navy and Marine F-35s calls into question whether the stealth jets can fight a prolonged conflict.

New virus case aboard US warship prolongs quarantine

CNN – A new case of a viral infection aboard a US navy warship was reported Tuesday, which means the USS Fort McHenry will continued to be quarantined at sea in the Middle East.

The US Navy, facing a shortfall, aims to ink an enormous attack sub contract next month

Defense News – The U.S. Navy is preparing to sign a contract with General Dynamics Electric Boat and subcontractor Huntington Ingalls Industries for the next tranche of Virginia-class submarines.

The Bad Day Scenario Part 3: Developing a Dynamic, Distributed and Lethal Global Force

CIMSEC – Parts One and Two of the Bad Day Scenario series posited a worst case-style scenario for the U.S. Navy, discussed ways the Navy might respond with current capacity and capability, and introduced emerging concepts that could help the Navy address similar scenarios in the future as a more globally responsive force. Dynamic Force Employment (DFE), the U.S. military’s latest concept for employing the joint force with agility and unpredictability, will have a significant impact on how the Navy is used as an instrument of national power. Meanwhile, Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO) is the Navy’s emergent concept for force development and maritime operations that will be capable of generating combat power across a broad range of platforms, domains, geographical area, and potential adversaries. The rest of the Bad Day Scenario series aims to reconcile the DFE and DMO concepts into an overall model for developing a dynamic, distributed, and lethal global force by 2020.

Once again, the US Navy looks to scrap its largest combatants to save money

Defense News – The U.S. Navy is eyeing canceling six planned service-life extensions on its oldest cruisers, meaning the Navy will be short six of its current 22 largest surface combatants by 2022.

Navy’s torpedo-armed Poseidon spy planes track China’s nuclear submarines

Fox – The increasing global reach of Chinese nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines, armed with JL-2 weapons reportedly able to hit parts of the US, continues to inspire an ongoing Navy effort to accelerate production of attack submarines, prepare long-dwell drones for deployment to the Pacific and continue acquisition of torpedo-armed sub-hunting planes such as the P-8/A Poseidon.

Navy will dominate next century of warfare

Post and Courier – Robert D. Kaplan writes that “A naval century is upon us, in keeping with an era of globalization that depends on safe and secure sea lines of communication for container shipping. But nobody should assume it will be peaceful. The United States is coming home from tragic wars, but there is little relief in sight.”

In The New Naval Arms Race, A Scruffy U.S. Fleet Gives Rivals An Opportunity To Look Great

Forbes – With global naval tensions on the rise, a grand tool of naval diplomacy, the old-fashioned international fleet review, is making a weaponized comeback. While the U.S. can easily sink the restless navies that are busy flaunting their latest ships and newest technologies, America’s maritime rivals have discovered that these maritime beauty contests offer an entirely new and low-risk axis of naval competition. Looks can kill; the stressed and tired-looking U.S. Navy is ill-prepared to compete as the genteel pageantry of ceremonial port calls and flamboyant multi-national fleet reviews become just another means to grind down an overextended U.S fleet.

A classified Pentagon maritime drone program is about to get its moment in the sun

Defense News – A project birthed in the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office is getting some serious buy-in from the U.S. Navy, and could yield the world’s first large-scale armed unmanned warship.

Large Surface Combatant Program Delayed Amid Pivot Towards Unmanned, Other Emerging Tech

USNI News – The Navy’s new focus on distributed maritime operations and the incorporation of high-end weapons is prompting a re-look at the future Large Surface Combatant program and an apparent delay in the planned start of the new ship class.

Breaking the Mold: How to Build a 355-Ship Navy Today Part 2

CIMSEC – This has been an attempt to capture some of the interesting thoughts, from two separate working groups, on how the U.S. Navy could achieve a 355 battle force ship Navy sooner than current plans predict.

FY 2020 Budget: Navy Cuts Ship, Aircraft Procurement; Vows High-End Weapons Procurement

USNI News – The Pentagon requested a Fiscal Year 2020 budget that advocates changes in the way the Navy does business – pushing for lethal but “attritable” unmanned systems, artificial intelligence and hypersonics to give the Navy and Marine Corps an edge against high-end adversaries.

Why DoD Cut A Carrier in 2020 Budget: Survivable Robots & Missiles Vs. China

Breaking Defense – An inside source explains the logic behind the 2020 budget’s most controversial call.

Navy’s Budget Requests Two Huge Missile-Laden Drone Ships That Displace 2,000 Tons

War Zone – The service wants to get the first two unmanned ships quickly to help refine its requirements and craft plans for employing them in actual combat.

US ‘Gets Its Ass Handed To It’ In Wargames: Here’s A $24 Billion Fix

Breaking Defense – The US keeps losing, hard, in simulated wars with Russia and China. Bases burn. Warships sink. But we could fix the problem for about $24 billion a year, one well-connected expert said, less than four percent of the Pentagon budget.

Navy to Contract New Class of Unmanned Surface Vehicle by Year’s End

USNI News – The Navy is moving fast to acquire a new class of unmanned surface vehicles and hopes to award a contract for USV designs by the end of the year.

Samson the Carrier and Goliath the Amphib: Twin Giants of a Compromised Fleet Architecture

War on the Rocks – The aircraft carrier fleet and the amphibious fleet are typically viewed as polar opposites: the fast nuclear carrier projecting strike aircraft from the deep blue on one side, and the plodding but versatile amphibious ship projecting Marine infantry in the littoral on the other. Despite obvious dissimilarities in speed, payload, and function, they both share a critically important place in the overall fleet architecture — they are both unaffordable anachronisms of a bygone era.