The American Way of War in the Twenty-First Century: Three Inherent Challenges

Modern War Institute – The reality of American military power has long been that the United States must project its forces into the enemy’s territory. This brings with it a host of challenges, some inflicted by the adversary and others that are self-inflicted (such as lack of strategic lift or production capacity). In any future war, the US military will likely play an “away game,” and an adversary will probably not allow the United States to leisurely amass personnel and equipment on its borders, but will actively try to prevent it. As a result, the US military will suffer from an inherent asymmetry and have immense costs imposed on it, at least in the initial phases of the war. This challenge lies at the heart of what is colloquially called the “anti-access/area denial” family of military concepts.

Navy Littoral Combat Ship Still Missing Cruise Missile Nine Months After Launching One

War Zone – The Navy has touted the addition of Naval Strike Missiles as a game-changer for the oft-maligned Littoral Combat Ships.

Major Airfield Expansion On Wake Island Seen By Satellite As U.S. Preps For Pacific Fight

War Zone – America’s remote island outpost in the Pacific is an essential fallback point for pushing airpower west during a major conflict.

Congress Pumps The Brakes On Navy, Demands Answers From OSD

Breaking Defense – A new class of unmanned ships proposed by the Navy as a bulwark against growing Chinese and Russian naval might is running into deep skepticism on Capitol Hill, reflecting larger and broad frustration in Congress over the Navy’s stalled modernization push.

Protecting undersea cables must be made a national security priority

Defense News – Data is arguably the most important strategic asset to emerge in the 21st century. Access to data and the ability to protect its integrity are vital to American security and prosperity. As 5G and artificial intelligence transform our societies into highly integrated networks, protecting data will become even more crucial.

USS Montgomery Deployment Proves Out Changes Made in LCS Program Overhaul

USNI News – USS Montgomery (LCS-8) recently wrapped up its maiden deployment – and the ship class’s first since a restructure of the Littoral Combat Ship program – and the head of LCS operations said the ship leveraged lessons learned from earlier deployments to avoid readiness problems and make the most of its operational capabilities.

US Navy’s first 4 littoral combat ships to leave the fleet in 9 months

Defense News – The Navy’s first four littoral combat ships will be headed into mothballs next March, according to a June 20 message from the chief of naval operations.

The Cultural Differences Between Serving On America’s Three Types Of Nuclear Submarines

War Zone – A veteran submariner explains how the experience of serving aboard a U.S. Navy submarine varies greatly based on the sub’s mission set.

Bring Back the Seaplane

War on the Rocks – As the National Defense Strategy demands, the Marine Corps is currently demonstrating, and the new Air Force chief of staff has discussed, the challenges posed by an increasingly capable Chinese military demand innovation and disruptive thinking in the Pentagon. Innovation requires strategists to consider all options on the table. Moreover, it requires all options to be placed on the table in the first place. One option noticeably absent from most debates on future operations in the Pacific Ocean is the seaplane.

NATO Anti-Submarine Exercise Dynamic Mongoose Kicks Off With U.S. Destroyer, SSN

USNI News – An advanced U.S. attack submarine and guided-missile destroyer are among the forces participating in the NATO anti-submarine warfare exercise Dynamic Mongoose 2020, which kicked off this week off Iceland.

Mysterious Wave Glider Spotted Off Florida Keys Had Electronic Intel Gathering System

War Zone – The craft could be part of one of a number of programs aimed at providing persistent maritime surveillance coverage for the U.S. Navy.

No Time for Victory

USNI Proceedings – For many senior Navy leaders, the crush of their daily routines leaves them struggling to find time for deliberate thought and strategic decision-making. This was not always the case.

Foggo: Changing Conditions Require New Arctic Strategy, International Code of Conduct

USNI News – The head of U.S. naval forces in Europe would like to see more coordination and more dialogue in the Arctic, where military and commercial traffic are increasing, and so is the risk of miscalculations.

The 100-Ship Navy

War on the Rocks – Naval officers pray at the altar of “more ships.” We demand more of them, fantasize about new ways to use them, and assume that the fleet will only grow. In the navalist faith, the post-Cold War period — which saw the fleet fall to an all-time low of 279 ships in 2007 — was an aberration, but happily the “return to great-power rivalry” has obliterated such shortsightedness.

Congress aims to strip funding for the US Navy’s next-gen large surface combatant

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s interminable quest to design and field a next-generation large surface combatant is going back to the drawing board once again, a victim of the Pentagon’s disorganization around this year’s long-range shipbuilding plan, according to documents and a source familiar with the situation.

Pentagon Leaders Have Taken Lead in Crafting Future Fleet from Navy

USNI News – The Navy has lost much of its power on deciding what its future fleet will look like, with a Pentagon-led effort set to produce secretary of defense directives to the service by the end of the summer on what the fleet’s future plans should include.

Thinking Effectively First

CIMSEC – Captain Wayne Hughes, USN, who would have turned 90-years-old this spring, left us a huge legacy on which to build and from which to learn regarding the intellectual content of naval research, our approaches to instruction, and how we organize our naval PME institutions.

China vs. America: A Submarine Showdown in the South China Sea?

National Interest – The United States has been continuing Chinese sub-hunting patrols with its Poseidon P-8 surveillance plane in the South China Sea area.

First Operational Navy V-22 Arrives at New COD Squadron

USNI News – The first of a new generation of aircraft that will ferry supplies and personnel on and off aircraft carriers arrived at the first operational squadron in California on Monday.

China Commissioned Its Ninth Type 056 Corvette So Far In 2020

Naval News – In total, nine Type 056 corvettes have joined the People Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) since the beginning of 2020. The “Jingdezhen” (617) was admitted to active service in the PLAN East Sea Fleet and assigned to the 16th fleet based in Xiamen.

TR Investigation Fallout: Crozier Won’t be Reinstated, Strike Group CO Promotion Delayed

USNI News – Capt. Brett Crozier, who commanded USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) until April, will not be reinstated to lead the ship, will not be eligible for future command and faces additional administrative punishment that will be overseen by U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. John Aquilino.

The Pentagon wants to forge ahead with robot warships, but Congress wants to slow the train

Defense News – In the latest sign of Congressional ambivalence on unmanned surface warships, the House Seapower and Projection Forces subcommittee called for restricting funding for procurement of any large unmanned surface vessels – LUSVs – until he Navy can certify it has worked out an appropriate hull, mechanical and electrical system and that it can operate autonomously for 30 days consecutively.