U.K. Aircraft Carrier, Italian Navy Carrier Cross-Deck F-35Bs in Mediterranean

USNI News – The United Kingdom Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) and Italian carrier ITS Cavour (CVH550) on Monday performed a cross-decking and integration exercise of their embarked F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters south east of Sicily in the Mediterranean, making Italy the second nation after the United States to operate the aircraft off the U.K. warship.

New Ships, Submarines And Weapon Systems For Italian Navy

Naval News – The recent release of Italian MoD’s Multi-year Planning Document (Documento Programmatico Pluriennale – DPP) 2020-2022 and the Parliament hearings of the Minister of Defence Lorenzo Guerini and of the Chief of Italian Navy (Marina Militare), Vice Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, provide first details on new shipbuilding and joint/naval weapon system programmes.

Dynamic Manta Exercise Trains NATO in Anti-Submarine Warfare As More Attack Boats Prowl the Mediterranean

USNI News – All across the Mediterranean Sea, more non-NATO countries are fielding submarines while NATO allies are increasing the size of their own undersea fleets. Those submarines are also becoming harder to find. All told, the ability for NATO to find, track and identify submarines is not just a matter of defense against Russia, but a matter of basic traffic safety on and under the Mediterranean.

We spent 3 days on a top contender for the Navy’s future frigate. Here’s what you need to know.

Defense News – The Italian Navy’s anti-submarine warfare FREMM Alpino is in the United States on a tour of the East Coast. The Fincantieri-built warship is a contender for the U.S. Navy’s next-generation frigate, the FFG(X), and the Alpino is on this side of the Atlantic giving the service a look at what the hull can do.

Italian Navy – Naval patrols fail to deter pirates

Associated PressNaval patrols fail to deter pirates

Rear Admiral Giovanni Gumiero is going on a pirate hunt.

From the deck of an Italian destroyer cruising the pirate-infested waters off Somalia’s coast, he has all the modern tools at his fingertips – radar, sonar, infrared cameras, helicopters, a cannon that can sink a ship 10 miles, or 16 kilometers, away – to take on a centuries-old problem that harks back to the days of schooners and eye patches.

Italian Navy – Oto Melara Munition Gives Naval Guns Low-Tech, ëNonlethal' Precision

Sea Power – In an age characterized by missiles guided by sophisticated electronic seekers and a constellation of satellites, an Italian arms company is taking a different approach to precision munitions. To increase the accuracy of widely used medium-caliber naval guns, Oto Melara is employing the concepts of low drag and high speed with a new munition called Ammunition Reduced Time-of-Flight (ART).