French CSG Retasked With NATO Support Role

Naval News – The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and its strike group are being retasked to support NATO following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. The French CSG which is currently deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea as part of the “CLEMENCEAU 22” mission began a logistics stop in Cyprus. It will then be reassigned to assist NATO.

French Navy, Army Drill to Launch Helicopter Attacks From the Sea

USNI News – The French Army and Navy last week completed the Cormoran 21 exercise after more than two weeks of drills in the Mediterranean. Cormoran 21 is a power projection exercise involving the joint amphibious and airmobile capabilities of the two services where 24 Army helicopters join amphibious operations commandoes embarked on French Navy ships to form the Groupe Naval Aéromobile (Naval Airmobile Group).