France’s Submarine Game Changer: The New Suffren-Class

Naval News – Six new attack submarines will form the vanguard of the French Navy for the coming decades. Developed as the Barracuda program, the lead boat of the new class, Suffren, is expected to formally join the fleet next year. The new submarines will offer a massive capability leap over the current Rubis-class boats.

Fate Of Fire-Damaged SSN Perle To Be Decided In October

Naval News – Lighting is said to be the cause of the fire that broke out aboard French Navy Rubis-Class nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) ‘Perle’ in June, according to the new French Navy’s Chief of Staff, Admiral Pierre Vandier. A decision on the fate of the SSN will be made in October, pending the results of the ongoing investigation.

French Navy Vessel ‘Champlain’ To Assist With MV Wakashio Oil Spill In Mauritius

Naval News – The French Navy D’Entrecasteaux-class multi-purpose vessel “Champlain” has been deployed to assist with pollution control efforts in Mauritius linked with the ongoing oil spill of MV Wakashio.

PANG: What We Know About France’s Future Aircraft Carrier

Naval News – In the coming days, French President Macron is expected to give the “go ahead” to the French Navy’s new generation aircraft carrier (PANG) program. Here is what we know so far.

Building the Next Generation French Aircraft Carrier

Defense.Info – A new-generation aircraft carrier to succeed the Charles de Gaulle flagship would cost at least €5 billion ($5.6 billion), with a larger price tag if France opted for nuclear propulsion over a conventional engine room, a June 24 French senate report said.

Libya crisis: France suspends Nato mission role amid Turkey row

BBC – The defence ministry said France had suspended its role in Operation Sea Guardian, accusing Turkey of violating an arms embargo against Libya.

French Navy LHD ‘Tonnerre’ Heads For The Gulf Of Guinea

Naval News – The French Navy (Marine Nationale) Mistral-class LHD “Tonnerre” has sailed from Toulon to take part in operation Corymbe in the Gulf of Guinea.

French Navy Receives Third Upgraded ATL2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Naval News – The third Atlantique 2 (ATL2) maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) upgraded by Dassault Aviation, Thales and Naval Group was delivered by DGA to the French Navy at the Lann-Bihoué naval air base.

French Navy Final D’Entrecasteaux-Class BSAOM Vessel ‘Dumont D’Urville’ Enters Active Service

Naval News – The French Navy (Marine Nationale) fourth and final d’Entrecasteaux-class vessel, “Dumont d’Urville”, entered “active duty” on April 17, 2020.

French Carrier Charles De Gaulle Heading Home Amid Suspicion Of Covid-19

Naval News – The French Navy aircraft carrier and flag ship Charles de Gaulle is heading home early following suspicion of several Covid-19 cases among its crew members.

French Navy Mistral-Class LHDs To Fight COVID-19 In Reunion & Caribbean

Naval News – French President Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday that French Navy Mistral-class LHDs Mistral and Dixmude will be deployed to Reunion Island and the Caribbean in support of the Coronavirus relief efforts. These new deployments will take place as part of the new operation “Résilience”.

French Navy To Deploy Mistral-Class LHD Tonnerre For Coronavirus Response

Naval News – The French Navy is about to deploy its Mistral-class LHD “Tonnerre” to the Island of Corsica in a mission to evacuate several Coronavirus / COVID19 patients towards mainland France.

U.S. Navy Destroyer USS Ross Joins French Carrier Strike Group

Naval News – On the night of February 8, the US Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Ross (DDG 71) joined the French Navy (Marine Nationale) Carrier Strike Group, also known as Task Force 473, currently deployed as part of the “Foch” mission.

European-Led Coalition In The Strait Of Hormuz Begins Operations

Naval News – The European-led mission in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASOH) is now operational, the French Ministry of Armed Forces stated yesterday. The EMASOH headquarters, composed of Belgian, Danish, Dutch and French officers, is based at the French naval base in Abu Dhabi.

France Confirms Order For Six New POM Offshore Patrol Vessels

Naval News – The French Ministry of Armed Forces on January 17 confirmed an order for six new offshore patrol vessels (Patrouilleur d’Outre-Mer – POM) for the French Navy (Marine Nationale).

French Carrier Strike Group Begins ‘Foch’ Deployment

Naval News – The French Navy (Marine Nationale) Carrier Strike Group set sail yesterday for a long operational deployment named “Foch”. Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle and its escort set course to the Eastern Mediterranean before sailing for the Northern Atlantic area.

French Navy Final Loire-Class BSAM ‘Garonne’ Enters Active Service

Naval News – The French Navy (Marine Nationale) fourth and final Loire-class vessel, “Garonne”, entered “active duty”.

France orders six patrol ships, equipped with drones and able to secure prisoners

Defense News – France has ordered six 70-meter-long (230-feet-long) offshore patrol vessels from Socarenam, a shipyard in Boulogne-sur-Mer on the country’s northern coast, to patrol its vast economic exclusive zone.

This Submarine Could Be One of the Best on Earth (Not American Either)

National Interest – On July 12, 2019, French president Emmanuel Macron celebrated the imminent launch of France’s first new nuclear-powered submarine in over a decade—the Barracuda-class vessel Suffren.

France launches first Barracuda-class nuclear attack sub

Defense News – French shipbuilder Naval Group on Friday launched the Suffren nuclear-powered attack submarine here under the gaze of President Emmanuel Macron.

U.S. Marines Train on French Amphib During ‘Jeanne d’Arc Task Force’ Stop at Camp Lejeune

USNI News – A French task group on deployment with 130 officer cadets teamed up with U.S. Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Camp Lejeune for a few days of at-sea amphibious operations in North Carolina.

France promises a presence in the Pacific amid an anticipated ‘global confrontation’

Defense News – France’s armed forces minister has pledged the country will remain committed to the Pacific region, as she warned of a “global confrontation” emerging there.

Tailoring the French Carrier Strike Group to Emerging Challenges

USNI Proceedings – The French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle returns to service this spring after a major midlife refit that has upgraded its capabilities and interoperability.