French Navy Final Loire-Class BSAM ‘Garonne’ Enters Active Service

Naval News – The French Navy (Marine Nationale) fourth and final Loire-class vessel, “Garonne”, entered “active duty”.

France orders six patrol ships, equipped with drones and able to secure prisoners

Defense News – France has ordered six 70-meter-long (230-feet-long) offshore patrol vessels from Socarenam, a shipyard in Boulogne-sur-Mer on the country’s northern coast, to patrol its vast economic exclusive zone.

This Submarine Could Be One of the Best on Earth (Not American Either)

National Interest – On July 12, 2019, French president Emmanuel Macron celebrated the imminent launch of France’s first new nuclear-powered submarine in over a decade—the Barracuda-class vessel Suffren.

France launches first Barracuda-class nuclear attack sub

Defense News – French shipbuilder Naval Group on Friday launched the Suffren nuclear-powered attack submarine here under the gaze of President Emmanuel Macron.

U.S. Marines Train on French Amphib During ‘Jeanne d’Arc Task Force’ Stop at Camp Lejeune

USNI News – A French task group on deployment with 130 officer cadets teamed up with U.S. Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Camp Lejeune for a few days of at-sea amphibious operations in North Carolina.

France promises a presence in the Pacific amid an anticipated ‘global confrontation’

Defense News – France’s armed forces minister has pledged the country will remain committed to the Pacific region, as she warned of a “global confrontation” emerging there.

Tailoring the French Carrier Strike Group to Emerging Challenges

USNI Proceedings – The French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle returns to service this spring after a major midlife refit that has upgraded its capabilities and interoperability.

Why France’s Own ‘Tomahawk’ Missile Is In Serious Trouble

National Interest – A bad performance in Syria was just the start.

After 1.3 billion euro makeover, French aircraft carrier returns to sea

Reuters – Europe’s only nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the 260-metre-long (850-ft) vessel, which carries 1,700 personnel and whose tonnage is equal to four Eiffel Towers, is due to be deployed in early February in the Indian Ocean

What will launch from France’s future aircraft carrier? The government and Navy are teaming up to find out

Defense News – The French procurement office and the Navy will submit proposals to the Armed Forces Ministry based on definition studies for a future aircraft carrier.

France takes delivery of its 5th FREMM

Defense News – The Directon Générale de l’Armement took delivery July 18 the fifth multi-mission frigate, marking a step toward an eight-strong fleet which will be the “backbone” of the French Navy.

France makes progress on refitting submarine for M51 missiles

Defense News – The ballistic missile submarine Téméraire has been taken to Ile Longue, the French naval base for nuclear boats, marking a key step in a major refit of the sub.

On the water and in the air, French military pushes back against Beijing’s South China Sea claims

South China Morning Post – France has sent warships through contested waters and will hold air exercises in the area later this year.

France, Britain to sail warships in contested South China Sea to challenge Beijing

South China Morning Post – Defence ministers tell security forum they are contributing to rule-based order.

U.S./French Integrated Air Wing Helping Develop ‘One Larger Team’ to Tackle Maritime Operations

USNI News – When Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson and Chief of Staff of the French Navy Adm. Christophe Prazuck stood together on the flight deck of carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) on Monday, pairs of fighters flew overhead – one American F/A-18E-F Super Hornet, one French Rafale at its side.

U.S./French Integrated Air Wing Exercise Accelerates French Pilots’ Return to Sea

USNI News – Performing touch-and-go’s, catapult launches and arrested landings, French naval aviators are now qualifying aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) and speeding up the timeline for their carrier to be combat ready.

French, U.S. Naval Aviators Learn to Work Together Ahead of Middle East Deployment

USNI News – Since carrier flight skills atrophy over time, French naval aviators are spending two months training with US Navy air wings so they’ll be ready for missions this summer when their carrier FS Charles de Gaulle (R91) finishes repairs after almost two years in the yard.

Japan eyes Franco-German maritime patrol aircraft requirement despite export setbacks

Defense News – Japan is offering its Kawasaki P-1 maritime patrol aircraft for a Franco-German requirement for a new aircraft. The move is part of the island nation’s efforts to secure its first major arms sale since a self-imposed ban on arms exports following World War II was lifted four years ago.

France turns to plan B when missile launch fails during Syria airstrikes

Defense News – When a French multimission frigate failed to fire its salvo of three naval cruise missiles during last weekend’s joint airstrike on Syria, the military drew on a backup plan. The frigate’s sister ship, the Languedoc, instead launched its naval cruise missiles at the three Syrian targets.

Thirty Days At Sea

USNI Proceedings – From counterdrug and minesweeping operations to launching Rafale fighters from the carrier Charles de Gaulle in support of the fight against ISIL, the French Navy responds to the defense needs of the French people.

French Rafale Fighters to Deploy on Carrier USS George H.W. Bush This Spring

USNI News – France is sending 350 sailors and naval aviators to deploy with a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier this spring as their nuclear-powered carrier finishes scheduled maintenance

French amphibious carrier visits Japan ahead of Pacific show of power

Reuters – As tension spikes on the Korean peninsula, a French amphibious assault carrier sailed into Japan’s naval base of Sasebo on Saturday ahead of drills that risk upsetting China.

French Maritime Strategic Thought On the Indo-Pacific

CIMSEC – In Europe, France is distinctive in claiming that its boundaries actually extend outside Europe into the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, i.e. the ‘Indo-Pacific,’ through its overseas departments (département d’outre-mer), and overseas territories (territoire d’outre-mer), which are considered integral parts of France, and indeed thereby of the European Union. These Indo-Pacific possessions also have large Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs). These give France important maritime interests to be maintained, and if need be defended, by the French Navy.

U.K., France and U.S. Agree to Increase Submarine Warfare, Aircraft Carrier Cooperation

USNI News – Naval leaders from the U.K., France and the U.S. have signed a trilateral cooperation agreement that will allow the three navies to work more closely together – especially in the realms of submarine warfare and carrier operations.

French carrier to lead joint amphibious Pacific drill in show of force aimed at China

Reuters – In a display of military power aimed at China, France will dispatch one of its powerful Mistral amphibious carriers to lead drills on and around Tinian island in the western Pacific, with Japanese and U.S. personnel and two troop-carrying helicopters sent by Britain.