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Royal Navy – The Joint Strike Fighter is overweight – which has severe implications for the Royal Navy.

US Navy – The Navy’s air-to-air refueling needs are not being met by the Air Force.

US Navy – Do small navies have a role to play in network-centric warfare?

Background – Iraq – Will moderate Iraqis embrace democracyóor Islamist radicalism?

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US Coast Guard – The Coast Guard is reorganizing its command chain at the nationís largest ports to ensure that a single commander is responsible for all missions and operations in the area.

Background – Immigration – Another look at the new book by Samuel Huntington entitled “Who Are We?”

Background – History – This little-known leatherneck expert in Arab culture and language made significant contributions to Corps and country, both in uniform and out.

Background – History – A look at communications during the Age of Sail.

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US Navy – The US now can board over half the world’s merchant vessels at sea.

US Coast Guard – Enforcement powers remain murky as port security duties add to serviceís mission

US Marines – An overview of the Marine Corps University.

Background – Geopolitics – An indepth analysis of Samuel Huntington’s new book, titled “Who Are We? The Challenges to Americaís National Identity”, and how it relates to his previous book, “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.”

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Royal Navy – The UK surface fleet is to lose 20% of its ships.

US Coast Guard – The latest on the Deepwater Program.

Background – Iraq – Seymour Hersh looks at what happened at the Abu Ghraib prison, and how it is related to the flaws in the American war plan.

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US Navy – A missing unmanned submarine that eluded the U.S. Navy for a week was found Tuesday by a man strolling along a beach in western Norway.

US Navy – Another way for the Navy to save money – use civilians instead of sailors to man its ships.

US Coast Guard – An interview with the program director of the Deepwater Program.

US Navy – Expeditionary Strike Groups are exiled in the Far East, in the author’s opinion.

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US Navy – Pacific Command has undertaken one of the most ambitious and complicated ventures in the war on terrorism as it seeks to prevent seaborne terrorist and criminal assaults on nations bordering the Pacific and Indian oceans.

German Navy – A German submarine is ensnared by a fishing trawler.

US Marines – The latest on the MV-22 Osprey program.

US Marines – An interview with the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

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Background – Iraq – Thomas Ricks writes how senior US officers feel they may be winning battles but losing the war???the beginning of a revolt of the generals?

US Navy – A look at what the Aerial Common Sensor program will mean to the Navy.

US Marines – Here are the Marines’ Small Wars Manuals, in 1940 and 2003 editions. Each is in PDF format.

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US Marines – The Marines are now conducting operations inside Afghanistan.

US Navy – An indepth discussion of the Littoral Combat Ship.

US Navy – “Where,” it has been asked, “is the theory of space power? Where is the Mahan for the final frontier?” Both can be found in the past. The theory of space power is implicit in thinking about the maritime environment, and its exemplar is the early-twentieth-century theorist Sir Julian Corbett.

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Chinese Navy – A look at the Chinese Navy’s new fast attack craft.

US Navy – James F. Dunnigan explains what went wrong about the USS John F. Kennedy.

US Navy – The latest naval news from around the fleet.

Background – History – On Christmas Day 1914, an audacious British air attack on a Zeppelin base in northern Germany caught the Germans with their defenses down.

Background – History – From politics to intoxication, naval terminology has filtered into every area of modern discourse. The nautical roots of such common phrases as ìclear the deck,î ìtook the wind out of my sailsî and ìwhen my ship comes inî are obvious. However, the impact of naval life runs far deeper than a few salty terms.

Background – Terrorism – Another look at terrorism’s origins.

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US Marines – The 11th and 24th Marine Expeditionary Units will head to Iraq this summer.

US Navy – We have brushed aside battlefield resolution and action and allowed images of victimization to take their place.

International Navies – The latest naval news from the UK, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, India, and Australia.

Background – Iraq – James F. Dunnigan debunks some of the myths of Iraq.

Background – Islam – Bernard Lewis talks about his seventy years spent studying the Middle Eastóand his thoughts on the region’s future

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US Navy – Another way to look at how the Navy and the whales can coexist in peace.

US Marines – This is the third of a three-part series on security and stabilization operations (SASO) during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

US Marines – James F. Dunningan on the importance of snipers in urban combat.

Background – Iraq – William Lind on how the US may be finally making some wise choices in Iraq.

Background – Iraq – Niall Ferguson consels patience in Iraq.

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US Marines – The situation in Fallujah is not working out right???

US Navy – Opposition grows to a proposed new Navy fighter field in North Carolina.

International Navies – The latest naval news from Iraq, Chile, India, the UK, and China.

Background – Terrorism – Michael Ignatieff on what it will cost us to succeed in the war on terror.

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US Navy – The USS Boxer returns from a deployment to the Persian Gulf.

US Marines – The Marines are about to deploy a new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Iraq, the Silver Fox.

US Marines – The latest from Fallujah.

US Navy – Naval news from around the defense industry.

US Navy – It has been, since Vietnam, conventional wisdom that the American public will not accept military casualties. There is, however, no evidence that the public is intrinsically casualty averse. It is a myth that distorts policy making and execution, and it is a issue that in itself has no place in professional military advice and judgment.

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Chinese Navy China makes an unusual port call in Hong Kong.

US Marines – The Marines pull back from Fallujah.

US Navy – American commanders expect that the Arab terrorists or Iraqi insurgents behind Saturdayís unsuccessful suicide attacks on offshore Iraqi oil facilities will attempt more such boat bombings in the coming weeks.

US Navy – Naval news from around the fleet.

Background – History – With Oliver Hazard Perry’s flagship dead in the water, the British had apparently won the 1813 Battle of Lake Erie. But then the quick-thinking American commander turned the tables and snatched an astounding victory in the bloodiest naval fight of the War of 1812.

Background – American Empire – From Washington to Baghdad, the debate over American empire is back. Five new books weigh in, some celebrating the imperial project as the last best hope of humankind, others attacking it as cause for worry. What they all fail to understand is that U.S. power is neither as great as most claim nor as dangerous as others fear.

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Royal Navy – The crew of HMS Trafalgar are cleared of mutiny.

US Marines – A complete change of plan for the Marines – advocating the development of an Iraqi militia to take over in Fallujah. Taking a page from the “Small Wars” Manual?

US Marines – The authors offer recommendations that will improve coordination between training and education organizations within the Marine Corps with the goal of creating a more efficient training system.

US Navy – Naval news from around the fleet.

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US Marines – The latest in Fallujah.

US Navy – An interview with Rear Adm. Mark P. Fitzgerald, director of air warfare for the chief of naval operations.

Background – Iraq – An insightful look at the genesis and course of the uprising in Iraq.

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Royal Navy – Some of the submarine HMS Trafalgar’s crew lose confidence in her.

US Marines – With the Marines in Fallujah.

US Navy – A recent symposium spanning 25 sometimes turbulent years of integrating women into the fleet.

US Navy – Satellite communications capability ó critical to network centric operations ó has become the dominant feature of the U.S. Navyís involvement in space, and despite the anticipated delay of a key program, the service is committed to its missions in this arena.

Background – Iraq – William Lind on why we always seem to make the wrong decision in Iraq.

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US Marines – With the Marines inside Fallujah.

US Navy – The US will change how it guards Iraqi oil terminals from terrorist suicide attacks.

US Navy – In September 2005, a little-known engineering office in Crystal City, Va., will deliver to the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) in Washington, D.C., a computer model known as Configuration 05. If successful, this new computer model will enable the Navy to take several giant steps forward in its years-long quest to fully implement the theory of network centric warfare.

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Indian Navy – India restores the Cross of St. George to its emblem.

Royal Australian Navy – Australia is helping US Navy survivors of a suicide bomb attack that occured during the boarding of a dhow.

US Marines – The Marines decide not to invade Fallujah with an all out assault.

US Navy – Seaswap is having a huge effect on the Navy. The Navyís top leadership has decided to pursue radical changes in the size and shape of its forces, likely resulting in the serviceís shrinking by ìthousands of sailorsî and scaling back plans to add a substantial number of ships in the next few year.

US Navy – The Navy moves forward to implement the seabasing concept.

US Marines – Progressive reconstruction of target nations must be added to the Marines’ concept of Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare.

US Marines – Marines are convinced future battlefields will be just as chaotic and unpredictable as past conflicts, and perhaps even more so. And Corps officials say this ìfog of warî calls for a flexible net centricity that will adapt to various command styles and allow a commander to either continue the march or change his approach as the situation dictates.

Background – Iraq – The last excerpt from Bob Woodward’s book, “Plan of Attack.”

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Here is a catchup of all news items from April 3 until today. Many very interesting items, please take your time going through them. The big news item while we were down were the battles in Iraq, particularly in Fallujah, and will cover those going forward from here.

I will not have Internet access for the next few days, so NOSI will next be updated on Monday, April 26, and we will be back to our usual daily update schedule at that time. See you then!

First – Here are the news items from April 3 to April 6, which many of you missed during the server outages.

Malaysian Navy – Malaysia has rejected a proposal that the United States help patrol the Straits of Malacca.

US Navy – An introduction to network centric warfare.

US Navy – To learn where military research is going, ask DARPA. Here are a number of lectures from their most recent Symposium. In the naval sphere, they are focused on the littorals???

South Korean Navy – South Korea will host a submarine rescue exercise later this month.

US Coast Guard – The U.S. Coast Guard later this month will review recommendations from industry on the pros and cons of renovating 49 110-foot Island-class patrol boats ó workhorses of the fleet ó or curtailing that effort by buying in early on a new class of fast-response cutters.

US Navy – Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Vern Clark has directed his admirals to “develop a culture of improved productivity and find the resources to create the Navy of the future.”

US Navy – The extraction of lucrative natural resources is increasingly, in several regions of the world, a source of violence-conflicts in which transnational corporations are frequently complicit but that they are also typically best positioned to resolve. While theoretical analysis of natural-resource- related violence is not yet mature, there are strong reasons for the U.S. armed forces and their civilian leadership to be cautious about intervening in such conflicts.

Canadian Navy – Canada’s Aurora maritime patrol aircraft are being upgraded.

US Navy – More details on the sea-based US missile shield being built off of Korea.

US Marines – so much for the 1 MEF’s “go soft” approach to the Sunni Triangle???

US Navy – The US Navy is having its role in maritime security clarified.

US Navy – An interview with the Chief of Naval Research, Admiral Jay Cohen.

Background – History – A team reveals the story of the steam yacht Fox on its mission from Britain to determine the fate of an 1845 quest to find the Northwest Passage. Under the command of Captain Francis Leopold McClintock the ship’s crew found evidence of how Captain Sir John Franklin and his expedition spent their final days.

Background – Taiwan – George W. Bush was right to rebuke Taiwan’s president over his plans for a referendum on relations with China. Administration critics assume that democracy and independence are inseparable, that the “one China” principle is no longer useful, and that China would never go to war over Taiwan. But they are wrong on all three counts and fail to appreciate the dangers that may lie ahead.

Second – Here are the news items from April 7 until today.

Royal Navy – The submarines HMS Tireless and USS Hampton meet at the North Pole for a game of football.

Pakistani Navy – Pakistan will join the international task force in the Arabian Sea, searching for terrorists.

US Marines – The Marines are working hard at stopping terrorists from entering into Iraq from Syria.

US Navy – A close-up look at the HSV 2 Swift’s cutting-edge systems

US Navy – The Navy starts to retire its S-3 Vikings.

US Navy – The US opens a new antisubmarine command.

US Navy – The homeport for the USS John F. Kennedy will remain in Mayport, Florida.

US Navy – Never before has such a large quantity and broad scope of information been available instantaneously to the warfare commander. The impact of this fact cannot be overstated; it is transforming the way we conduct war.

US Marines – This is Part II of a three-part series concerning Phase IVósecurity and stabilization operationsóduring Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Background – 4th Generation Warfare – William Lind attempts to develop a grand strategy of 4th Generation Warfare.

Background – Afghanistan – Seymour Hersh on the Bush Administrationís unfinished business in Afghanistan, and how Afghanistan is turning into a quagmire for the US.

Background – History – A look at how a very small RAF force defended their airbase and utterly defeated the Iraqi army in 1941.

Background – Iraq – Historian Niall Ferguson draws parallels between the US occpuation of Iraq today and the UK occupation of Iraq in the 1920’s. The similarities are fascinating???

Background – Iraq – The US Army War College’s plan for post-war Iraq, done in the fall of 2002 and published in February 2003. Would post-war Iraq be a different place if this study of history had not been ignored?

Background – Iraq – The US Army War College goes on to criticize the plan for the US invasion of Iraq.

Background – Iraq – An interesting look at the Shias inside Iraq. The son of a famous Shiite family says that if elected, he can run Iraq.

Background – Peacekeeping – What happens when the shooting stops is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and the people who build nations, despite recent setbacks in Haiti and Kosovo, are convinced that peacekeeping can work.

Background – Environment – A Pentagon report claims that climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters.

Background – Korea – U.S. war plans for the Korean peninsula are being rewritten to better reflect new and more capable equipment the U.S. and its South Korean ally are fielding.

Background – Body Armor – Robert Kaplan explains that body armor is a must in some lines of work, and it gives “fashion plate” a whole new meaning

Background – Iraq – First excerpt from Bob Woodward’s new book on the War in Iraq entitled “Plan of Attack.” Woodward describes the Cheney-Powell split over war with Iraq.

Background – Iraq – The second except from Bob Woodward’s book “Plan of Attack.” The CIA’s estimate of Saddam Hussein’s Arsenal Became the White House’s Rationale for Invasion

Background – Iraq – Third excerpt from Bob Woodward’s new book, which details the tension between the Vice President and Secretary of State Powell.

Background – Iraq – The fourth excerpt from Bob Woodward’s new book, in which Britain’s backing meant Bush didn’t have to go it alone.

Third – Here are the background articles for this weekend.

Background – History – During the March 28, 1941, Battle of Cape Matapan, British Admiral Andrew B. Cunningham decided once and for all who would be master of the Mediterranean.

Background – History – The Navy currently is developing the Littoral Combat Ship to meet its requirement for a craft that can travel at high speed, have a minimal draft to operate within the littoral, evade minefields, and deliver fire to destroy enemy targets. The origins of this radical new multimission ship, however, date back to an initial ó and equally radical ó attempt to meet those same requirements during World War I.

Background – Russia – Conventional wisdom in the West says that post-Cold War Russia has been a disastrous failure. The facts say otherwise. Aspects of Russia’s performance over the last decade may have been disappointing, but the notion that the country has gone through an economic cataclysm and political relapse is wrong–more a comment on overblown expectations than on Russia’s actual experience. Compared to other countries at a similar level of economic and political development, Russia looks more the norm than the exception.

US Navy – Gilbert and Sullivan’s fictitious Major General Stanley would have had little or no opportunity for formal professional military development. The U.S. military has evolved senior service colleges, including the U.S. Army War College, at which that nineteenth-century “modern major general” would find no place. These colleges must sustain their vital role in educating officers to meet the challenges of the emerging and future world.

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French Navy – The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is exercising in the Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

Royal Navy – The cuts run even deeper – there will be no Harrier aircraft to fly off of HMS Ark Royal.

US Navy – How will the US get permission to base a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in Japan?

US Navy – The latest naval news from around the fleet.

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Royal Navy – The UK will withdraw HMS Invincible and HMS Illustrious from service.

US Marines – A look at the Marine’s activities in Fallujah to date.

US Marines – The Marines have landed in Afghanistan.

US Navy – The USS Bataan returns to port after a deployment to the Gulf.

Background – Iraq – An excellent overview of the war with Iraq, at its one year anniversary.

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US Navy – More details on the “Sea Swap” program.

International Navies – The latest naval news from England, Australia,, India, Pakistan, Canada, Finland, UAE, and Greece.

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US Navy – The Sea Swap test, an experiment in dual-crewing of surface ships, continues successfully.

US Marines – Rarely in a career do we get the opportunity to challenge ourselves in a foreign education environment. The authors take us on the fabulous journey in store for prospective students at the French Joint Defense College.