China’s High-Speed Drone Is Rocket-Powered And All About Doing What Satellites Can’t

War Zone – The aircraft is designed to rapidly gather intel in contested areas by surprise and especially when key satellites are no longer operational.

Four Of The Biggest Revelations From China’s Massive 70th Anniversary Military Parade

War Zone – The spectacle in Tiananmen Square was full of previously unseen advanced Chinese military developments.

U.S. Needs More Ships in Europe to Counter Growing Russian Threats

USNI News – The head of Naval Forces Europe is making a pitch for more ships to provide presence, training and crisis response capability in his area of the world, even as tensions are rising globally.

With One Hand Tied: Naval Auxiliaries and Their Ability to Conduct Belligerent Acts

CIMSEC – It is an oft-repeated axiom of international law that vessels which serve as auxiliaries to a state’s armed forces may not lawfully commit a belligerent act in an international armed conflict.

North Korea may have fired missile from submarine

BBC – North Korea may have fired a ballistic missile from a submarine, a move that came just hours after Pyongyang said it would resume nuclear talks with the US.

War Studies Primer

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A Striking New Vision For the Marines, and a Wakeup Call For the Other Services

War on the Rocks – Military planning documents rarely draw more than a yawn in Washington, but the new Marine Corps Commandant’s Planning Guidance is proving an exception. Crafted by newly appointed Gen. David Berger, it lays out a striking new vision for the Corps — and jettisons a sizable number of long-held Marine articles of faith along the way.

McMurdo Station Expansion Relies on Coast Guard Heavy Icebreaker

USNI News – For the next several years, the Coast Guard’s only heavy icebreaker will lead the annual Antarctic resupply mission as the service develops its new class of icebreaker.

Chinese Sea Mines Are Threatening the U.S. Navy

National Interest – Chinese naval strategists want to push the United States Navy as far away as possible.

Does the U.S. Navy Have a Rust Problem?

National Interest – If the U.S. Navy projects a slovenly appearance while, say, China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy shows up in a foreign harbor looking spick-and-span, guess who seems like the trustworthy friend and fearsome foe? Advantage: China.

Welcome to the Arctic Wars

National Interest – Moscow does not fear Beijing’s keen interest in the Arctic and this may foreclose Washington’s plans to adopt a “wedge” strategy.

Russia Tried to Build Nuclear-Armed Carrier Killer Missiles

National Interest – For all of the analysis concerning the real dangers posed by ‘carrier-killer’ weapons being developed by China and now Iran, one thing remains constant: hitting a moving target in the vast expanses of the open oceans of the world is not easy.

U.S. Warships Have This Seldom Discussed But Very Powerful Optical Targeting System

War Zone – It’s easy to overlook the WALL-E-looking turret atop these ships, but it provides key targeting and situational awareness information to the crew.

Please Stop Making Sailor-Soldiers

CIMSEC – While the rest of the fleet is shifting to the high-end fight, it’s time for the CNO to radically change the ways the Navy sources, trains, equips, and sends out reserve Sailors to sea-going mobilizations.

Improve Mutual Cooperation with Small and Medium-Sized Navies

CIMSEC – To become more competitive in the new geopolitical reality the U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Operations can enhance the U.S. Navy’s relationship with the small and medium-sized navies of the “Third Border.” The U.S. Strategy for Engagement in the Caribbean names as the “Third Border” 26 countries that are part of the Great Caribbean Region.

Don’t Forget Seapower’s Dry Foundation

CIMSEC – Every day, the majority of the U.S. Navy is spending its time on shore duty.

Kill the Darlings and Pet Programs

CIMSEC – For all the talk of being in great power competition, the OPNAV staff is not acting like it…Meanwhile, our adversaries are outpacing us in many areas.

Donald Trump Must Know What Really Makes America a Superpower

National Interest – Not stealth fighters but allies. And in Asia, that will matter.

Brazil’s Aircraft Carrier To Be Auctioned Off After Years Of Disappointment

War Zone – An effort is underway to try to turn the ship into a museum, while the fate of the Brazilian Navy’s carrier-based Skyhawk jets is now in question.

Navy Nightmare: Meet the 1 Thing That Could Make Submarines Obsolete

National Interest – Submarines can run—but they can’t hide—from drones.

The Navy Reserve is Broken

CIMSEC – Our Navy Reserve is crying out for attention. However, high retention may lull Navy leaders into thinking the system is working and Sailors are well-cared for, when in reality they are gritting their teeth to make it to 20 years of service.

Tackle Force Dynamism and Administrative Structure for a Stronger Navy

CIMSEC – Right now, the U.S Navy is suffering under a suffocating personnel and administrative structure.

Junior Personnel: The X-Factor in Great Power Competition

CIMSEC – Senior leaders in the Navy are currently working with a partial dataset, one that is missing an untapped information source: aggregated input from junior personnel.

China Just Launched Its Huge And Incredibly Quickly Built Amphibious Assault Ship

War Zone – China’s first flattop amphibious assault ship will give the PLAN powerful new capabilities and a second example is already under construction.