China nuclear missile development steps up a gear with test of weapon capable of hitting US mainland

South China Morning Post – China has moved to speed up development of its most advanced submarine-launched nuclear missile, a weapon capable of striking the US mainland.

Putin takes a look at new aircraft carrier

Barents Observer – As the country’s one and only vessel of the kind lies damaged by accident and fire at port in Murmansk, the President puts his eyes on a brand new project.

Does the US Navy have its robot-warship concept all wrong?

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s plans for unleashing robot warships on the world’s oceans may need some work, according to a new study.

American Destroyer Sounds Collision Alarm As Russian Ship Gets Aggressive In The Middle East

War Zone – The U.S. and Russian Navies had a similar near-collision in the Pacific last year and this incident comes during a very tense time in this region.

The Navy and the UAPs

USNI Blog – One of the strangest mysteries of the modern U.S. Navy is a series of events that played out in 2004 and 2014–15, on each coast, involving what the Pentagon now calls “unexplained aerial phenomena” (UAP).

French Navy Final Loire-Class BSAM ‘Garonne’ Enters Active Service

Naval News – The French Navy (Marine Nationale) fourth and final Loire-class vessel, “Garonne”, entered “active duty”.

The Conventional Wisdom on China’s Island Bases is Dangerously Wrong

War on the Rocks – Couldn’t the United States easily neutralize China’s remote outposts in the South China Sea in a conflict, negating their value? The assumption is understandable given how seemingly remote the facilities are and how accustomed Americans have become to uncontested dominance over the sea and air. But it is flawed.

Destination Unknown Volume 1

US Marine Corps University – The first graphic novel of short stories about future war released by the Krulak Center via Marine Corps University Press.

The surface Navy needs to fundamentally reshape itself to defeat the Chinese threat, study finds

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s surface fleet is completely misaligned to meet the threats the military says it must counter in the 21st century, and it’s not correctly constructed to pursue its own strategy of “distributed maritime operations,” according to new study from the Center or Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

Read the report: Taking Back the Seas: Transforming the U.S. Surface Fleet for Decision-Centric Warfare

Pakistan and China launch joint naval drills. Should India be concerned?

Defense News – A nine-day Sino-Pakistani naval exercise commenced in Pakistan’s port of Karachi on Monday with the arrival of a Chinese naval task group from its South Sea Fleet. Sea Guardians 2020 is the sixth in the bilateral series, which, according to the Pakistan Navy, will focus on “augmenting interoperability and strategic cooperation.”

The Future of America’s Contest With China

New Yorker – Washington is in an intensifying standoff with Beijing. Which one will fundamentally shape the twenty-first century?

Winning the Invisible War: Gaining an Enduring Advantage in the EMS

CIMSEC – The challenge of spectrum management and control will be acute for militaries, which depend almost entirely on the EMS for sensing and communications.

Don’t Go Too Crazy, Marine Corps

War on the Rocks – The Marine Corps is embarking on a 10-year restructuring to align itself with the National Defense Strategy, but in doing so, it risks ignoring the last 70 years of its history.

Argentina studies the purchase of two ‘Ula’ Norwegian class submarines

El Snorkel – The arrival of Type 210 would serve to resume the formation of Argentine divers and strengthen the defense capacity of the marina on its coast. (In Spanish)

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If A Chinese-American War Happens, It Will Start In The South China Sea

National Interest – James Fanell writes that China has been preparing for just that fight.

Increasing the Lethality of the Surface Force: A Conversation With RDML Scott Robertson

CIMSEC – CIMSEC had the opportunity to discuss the growth and evolution of the U.S. Surface Navy’s lethality with Rear Admiral Scott Robertson, commander of the Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center (SMWDC).

India hoists a ‘metal chain’ in the Indian Ocean

The Hill – Many take an interest in the Indian Ocean. For example, both Britain and France have vowed to mount a frequent, if not standing, naval presence in the Indo-Pacific to help offset Chinese and Russian ambitions. And let’s not forget India, a budding titan that regards itself as the Indian Ocean region’s benevolent overseer.

Why A U.S.-Iran War Isn’t Going To Happen

National Interest – James Holmes writes that the coming weeks and months may see irregular warfare prosecuted with newfound vigor through such familiar unconventional warmaking methods. It’s doubtful Tehran would launch into conventional operations, stepping onto ground it knows America dominates. To launch full-scale military reprisals would justify full-scale U.S. military reprisals that, in all likelihood, would outstrip Iran’s in firepower and ferocity.

Does China Really Need Aircraft Carriers?

National Interest – In home water, no. Far away, for sure. One of the world’s top naval experts explains.

Royal Navy vessels sent to protect shipping in Strait of Hormuz

Guardian – The Royal Navy will accompany ships through the Strait of Hormuz amid soaring tensions in the Middle East, following the US’s fatal drone strike on Iran’s top general.

Memo reveals Pentagon again tried to decommission the carrier Truman, cut an air wing

Defense News – Despite causing a political firestorm earlier this year and forcing President Donald Trump to publicly reverse his administration’s position on the matter, the U.S. military again tried to push a plan that would lead to the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman retiring 25 years early and would defund a carrier air wing.

Russian coast guard receives new ice strengthened patrol vessel

Barents Observer – The “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky” will improve search- and rescue capabilities in Russia’s western Arctic region.

Northern Fleet’s new multipurpose Arctic tanker starts service in Barents Sea

Barents Observer – The «Akademik Pashin» can simultaneously provide three vessels with fuels and other goods while sailing at open sea.

Troubles delay Russia’s prestigious ballistic missile sub

Barents Observer – “Knyaz Vladimir”, the first upgraded Borey-A class submarine, will not be handed over to the navy by the end of 2019 as planned.