French Navy – Inside the FREMM Aquitaine

Defense Technology International – As promised in the previous post here are some photos of the Aquitaine’s living quarters.

French Navy – Ares boards the FREMM Aquitaine

Defense Technology International – The first of class of the French Navy’s FREMMs, the Aquitaine, is currently undergoing the third of its four sea-trial missions, this one to check the combat management system. Despite the large numbers of people aboard (DCNS engineers and the French naval personnel actually sailing the ship), a small handful of journalists was able to squeeze aboard earlier this week and photograph almost everything.

Royal Navy – New delay over fighter jet choice

Daily Telegraph – A decision on the choice of the Royal Navy’s new combat jet has been delayed yet again following disagreements between senior officers and defence ministers.

Royal Navy – Aircraft carrier costs will be half what you think, US tells ministers

Royal Navy – Aircraft carrier costs will be half what you think, US tells ministers – The US Navy has intervened over the adaptation of a British aircraft carrier for a new generation of fighter jets, to assure ministers that the cost will be less than half the Ministry of Defence’s estimate.

US Navy – Navy asks to slow building of two carriers

Virginian Pilot – Driven by pressures to cut spending in its 2013 budget, the Navy wants to take two extra years to build the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy, which is to be constructed at Newport News Shipbuilding.

Royal Navy – Britain has to decide upon the Royal Navy's role

Daily Telegraph – A former First Sea Lord laments the Royal Navy’s lack of ships – but what it needs most is a maritime strategy.

Royal Navy – Government plans U-turn on aircraft carriers as catapult costs spiral

Guardian – Defence secretary wants to switch back to version of Joint Strike Fighter ministers dismissed as more costly and less effective.

Royal Navy – Peru cancels Royal Navy visit over Falklands

BBC – Peru has cancelled a visit by a Royal Navy frigate as an act of solidarity with Argentina in its dispute with the UK over the Falkland Islands.

Iran – U.S. War Game Sees Perils of Israeli Strike Against Iran

New York Times – A classified war simulation held this month to assess the repercussions of an Israeli attack on Iran forecasts that the strike would lead to a wider regional war, which could draw in the United States and leave hundreds of Americans dead, according to American officials.

Air Warfare – Stress of combat reaches drone crews

Los Angeles Times – Physically they may be thousands of miles from Iraq or Afghanistan. Psychologically, they’re on the ground with troops. The disconnect, and the sense of helplessness, take a toll.

Geopolitics / Middle East – 1848: History's Shadow Over the Middle East

Stratfor – Robert D. Kaplan compares the situation in Europe in 1848 to today’s Arab Spring.

US Navy – Navy says it will add ships to Persian Gulf amid Iran threats

Los Angeles Times – The U.S. Navy is upgrading its defensive and offensive capabilities in the Persian Gulf to counter threats from Iran to seize the Strait of Hormuz and block the flow of oil, the chief of naval operations said Friday.

Operations Other Than War – Foreign Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster-Relief Operations: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

US Naval War College Review – Foreign humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief (FHA/DR) operations are some of the most complicated operations conducted by the military. These missions constitute a core Navy mission; their planning and execution differ from those of a kinetic military campaign, but addressing the key principles early will enable the successful execution. The following lessons learned are based on the author’s experiences over the past two years conducting five FHA/DR operations in the western Pacific.

US Navy – The Long Reach of Aegis

US Naval Institute Proceedings – Combining Aegis with the new Joint Strike Fighter will enhance coverage and lead to a global honeycomb of defensive capabilities.

Singaporean Navy – Seeking Balance: Force Projection, Confidence Building, and the Republic of Singapore Navy

US Naval War College Review – Despite the widespread proliferation of studies on the major navies in Asia, first and foremost that of China, writings on the small navies of Asia-Southeast Asia in particular-have been few and far between. The slant toward those major navies is warranted by their influence on the regional naval balance of power. However, it scarcely does justice to the small navies of Southeast Asia, a region of huge maritime geostrategic importance with potential security ramifications for wider Asian and global maritime security. Southeast Asia is also the scene of an interesting and serious buildup of sophis- ticated naval capabilities.
This article therefore attempts to redress, at least partially, the dearth of interest in the small navies in Southeast Asia, using the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) as a case study.

US Navy – Navy 2025: Forward Warfighters

US Naval Institute Proceedings – An August article in Proceedings laid out “Ten Realities for the New CNO.” Here, the new CNO offers his vision of the Navy 15 years hence, which touches on several of those same issues.

South Korean Navy – The Republic of Korea's Counter-asymmetric Strategy: Lessons from ROKS Cheonan and Yeonpyeong Island

US Naval War College Review – Since its provocations against Yeonpyeong Island on 23 November 2010, North Korea’s asymmetric threats have emerged as one of the most momentous security issues for the Republic of Korea (ROK). After bitter defeats in the First and Second Yeonpyeong Sea Battles, as well as in the Daechung Sea Battle of No- vember 2009, North Korea recognized its disadvantage in symmetric surface-ship provocations. It resorted instead to new and unexpected tactics, utilizing its latest small submarine to torpedo ROKS Cheonan on 26 March 2010.

US Navy – Embrace Life in the (Weapons Engagement) Zone!

US Naval Institute Proceedings – Sometimes a heavyweight has to shake up his punch-repertoire—the U.S. military should heed that lesson.

Chinese Navy – Beijing's "Starter Carrier" and Future Steps: Alternatives and Implications

US Naval War College Review – An analysis of the Chinese Navy’s new aircraft carrier.

US Marines – Amphibious, Now More Than Ever

US Naval Institute Proceedings – Even though the threat symmetry may have changed, the Navy-Marine Corps team still needs the capability to insert ground troops from the sea.

Editorial – War Studies Primer 2012 Now Available

We invite you to try the newly updated War Studies Primer 2012 ( – an introductory course on the study of war and military history. Its purpose is to provide an introduction, or primer, to the study of war.

War Studies Primer is presented as a lecture curriculum at the university level. It is a free, non-credit, self-study course that consists of 28 lectures and over 1,500 slides and is updated on a yearly basis.

The War Studies Primer 2012 edition has over 100 new slides. This new version has also been extensively revised, based on my experience teaching the course as a First Year Seminar to an excellent class of University of Iowa freshman in the Fall Semester of 2011.

You may get started by looking at slides 2 and 3 in the War Studies Primer for its Table of Contents, and then choose a lecture to read and enjoy.

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Chinese Navy – Mahan’s Naval Strategy: China Learned It. Will America Forget It?

World Affairs – A nice look at how the Chinese are now Mahan’s foremost students…

Miscellaneous – Characterizing and exploring the implications of Maritime Irregular Warfare

RAND – A nice review of the current state of maritime irregular warfare.

US Navy – Navy thinning is forcing out thousands of sailors

Virginian Pilot – 3,000 sailors will lose their jobs in the coming months as part of an unprecedented and drastic effort to thin the Navy’s ranks in overcrowded job fields. It marks the first time the service will lay off thousands of sailors who are in the middle of enlistment contracts. In the months since the move was announced, it has become widely unpopular and controversial.